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CANON EOS 5D DSLR ( BP-511 Battery )

CANON EOS 5D Digital Camera Outline

Canon's EOS-5D is the first 'affordable' digital SLR with a full-frame sensor. Launched in October 2005, it represented a new product category for Canon, delivering 12.8 Megapixel resolution and the full-frame benefits of the high-end EOS-1Ds Mark II, while enjoying a price much closer to the consumer range.

CANON EOS 5D DSLR Specifications

Digital AF/AE SLR
Recording Media
CompactFlash (CF) Card Type I and II
Image Sensor Size
1.41 x 0.94 in./35.8 x 23.9mm
Compatible Lenses
Canon EF lenses (except EF-S lenses)
Lens Mount
Canon EF mount

Image Sensor
High-sensitivity, High-resolution, Single-plate CMOS Sensor
Approx. 12.8 megapixels
Total Pixels
Approx. 13.3 megapixels
Aspect Ratio
3:2 (Horizontal : Vertical)
Color Filter System
RGB primary color filters
Low-pass Filter
Fixed position in front of the image sensor

Recording System
Recording Format
JPEG, RAW and RAW+JPEG simultaneous recording provided. Backup image recording enabled (Same image recordable on CF card standards)
Image Type
File Size
(1) Large/Fine: Approx. 4.6MB (4,368 x 2,912) (2) Large/Normal 2.3MB (4,368 x 2,912) (3) Medium/Fine: Approx. 2.7MB (3,168 x 2,112) (4) Medium/Normal: Approx. 1.4MB (3,168 x 2,112) (5) Small/Fine: Approx. 2.0MB (2,496 x 1,664) (6) Small/Normal: Approx. 1.0MB (2,496 x 1,664) (7) RAW: Approx. 12.9MB (4,368 x 2,912)
Folder Setting
Folder creation/selection enabled
File Numbering
(1) Continuous numbering (2) Auto reset (3) Manual reset
Color Space
Selectable between sRGB and Adobe RGB
Picture Style
Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined 1, 2, 3
Hi-Speed USB (Print/PTP/PC connect, selectable)
Video output (NTSC/PAL)

Image Processing
Auto, Preset (Daylight, Shade, Cloudy/Twilight/Sunset, Tungsten Light, White Fluorescent Light, Flash), Manual (Custom, Color Temperature)
Auto White Balance
Auto white balance with the image sensor
Color Temperature Compensation
White balance bracketing: +/-3 stops in full-stop increments
White Balance Correction: Blue/Amber bias +/- 9 levels
Magenta/Green bias +/- 9 levels

Blue/Amber bias and Magenta/Green bias cannot be set together during White Balance Bracketing
Color Temperature Information Transmission

Eye-level SLR with fixed pentaprism
Approx. 96% horizontally and vertically (coverage against JPEG Large)
0.71x (-1 dpt with 50mm lens at infinity)
Built-in Dioptric Adjustment
-3.0 to +1.0 diopter
Focusing Screen
Standard focusing screen: Ee-A
Quick-return half mirror (Transmission: reflection ratio of 40:60, no mirror cut-off with EF 600mm f/4 or shorter lens)
Viewfinder Information
AF (AF points, focus confirmation light), Exposure (shutter speed, aperture, spot metering circle, exposure level, AE lock, exposure compensation, AEB level), Flash (flash ready, red-eye reduction lamp on, high-speed sync, FE lock, FEB shooting, flash exposure compensation, insufficient flash warning during FE lock), White balance correction, Maximum burst, CF card full warning, CF card error warning, No CF card warning
Depth-of-Field Preview
Enabled with depth-of-field preview button (with Speedlite 580EX, 550EX, 430EX, MR-14EX, or MT-24EX, pressing the depth-of-field preview button fires a modeling flash)
Eyepiece Shutter
None (eyepiece cover provided on strap)

TTL-CT-SIR AF-dedicated CMOS Sensor
AF Points
9 AF points (plus 6 invisible Supplemental AF points)
Metering Range
EV -0.5-18 (at ISO 100 at 20&degC/68&degF)
Focusing Modes
Autofocus, (One-Shot AF, Predictive AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF (automatic switching between One-Shot/Predictive AI Servo AF)), Manual Focus (MF)
AF Point Selection
Manual selection, Automatic selection
Selected AF Point Display
Superimposed in viewfinder and indicated on LCD screen
AF-assist Beam
Emitted by the dedicated Speedlite

Exposure Control
Metering Modes
Max. aperture TTL metering with 35-zone SPC
(1) Evaluative metering (link to all AF points)
(2) Partial metering (approx. 8% of viewfinder)
(3) Spot metering (approx. 3.5% of viewfinder)
(4) Center-weighted average metering
Metering Range
EV 1-20 (at 68&degF/20&degC with 50mm f/1.4 lens, ISO 100)
Exposure Control
Program AE (Shiftable), Shutter speed-priority AE, Aperture-priority AE, Full Auto, E-TTL II autoflash program AE, Manual exposure
ISO Speed (Recommended Exposure Index)
Equivalent to ISO 100-1600 (in 1/3-stop increments), ISO speed can be expanded to ISO 50 and 3200
Exposure Compensation
(1) Manual, (2) AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing)Bracketing range: ±2 stops in 1/2- or 1/3-stop increments
AE Lock
Auto: Applied in One-Shot AF mode with evaluative metering when focus is achieved
Manual: By AE lock button

Vertical-travel, mechanical, focal-plane shutter with all speeds electronically-controlled
Shutter Speeds
1/8000 to 30 sec. (1/3-stop increments), X-sync at 1/200 sec.
Shutter Release
Soft-touch electromagnetic release
10 sec. delay
Remote Control
Remote control with N3 type terminal

External Speedlite
EOS Dedicated Speedlite
E-TTL II autoflash with EX-series Speedlite
Zooming to Match Focal Length
Flash Exposure Compensation
±2 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
FE Lock
PC Terminal

Drive System
Drive Modes
Single, Continuous (approx. 3 fps), Self-timer
Continuous Shooting Speed
Approx. 3 fps (at 1/250 sec. or faster for all recording quality settings)
Maximum Burst
JPEG: Approx. 60 frames (JPEG/Large)
RAW: Approx. 17 frames
RAW+JPEG: Approx. 12 frames

LCD Monitor
TFT color liquid-crystal monitor
Monitor Size
2.5 in.
Approx. 230,000
100% for JPEG images
Brightness Adjustment
5 levels provided
Interface Languages

Image Playback
Display Format
Single image, 9-image index, Magnified zoom (approx. 1.5x to 10x), Auto play, Auto play right after shooting, Rotated, Jump
Highlight Warning
In the single image (INFO) mode, the highlight portions containing no image information will blink
AF Point Display
Brightness, RGB

Image Protection and Erase
A single image can be protected or unprotected
A single image or all images stored in a CF card can be erased if they are unprotected

Direct Printing
Compatible Printers
CP Direct, Bubble Jet Direct, and PictBridge-compatible printers
Printable Images
JPEG images (DPOF printing possible)
Easy Print feature

DPOF: Digital Print Order Format
Version 1.1 compatible

Custom Functions
21 Custom Functions with 57 settings
Register Basic Camera Settings
Under Mode Dial's setting

New Features
Dust Delete Feature
Picture Style
Recording Time

Power Source
One Battery Pack BP-511A/BP-514/BP-511 /BP-512
Battery Life
Approx. 800 (68&degF/20&degC), approx. 400 (32&degF/0&degC)
* The above figures comply with CIPA standard and apply when a fully-charged Battery Pack BP-511 A is used.
Battery Check
Power Saving
Provided. Power turns off after 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30 min.
Date/Time Battery
One CR2016 Lithium Battery

Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions (WxHxD)
6.0 x 4.4 x 3.0 in./152 x 113 x 75mm
28.6 oz./810g (Body only. Battery: 2.9 oz./82g)

Operating Environment
Working Temperature Range
Working Humidity Range
85% or less

Battery Pack
For BP-511 A
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Rated Voltage
7.4 V DC
Battery Capacity
1390 mAh
Dimensions (WxHxD)
38 x 21 x 55mm/1.5 x 0.8 x 2.2 in.
Approx. 82g/2.9 oz.

Battery Charger
For CG-580
Compatible Battery
Battery pack BP-511A, BP-514, BP-511, or BP-512
Recharging Time
BP-511A, BP-514: Approx. 100 min.
BP-511, BP-512: Approx. 90 min.
Rated Input
100 - 240 V AC
Rated Output
8.4 V DC
Working Temperature Range
0°C - 40°C/32°F - 104°C
Working Humidity Range
85% or less
Dimensions (WxHxD)
91 x 67 x 31mm/3.6 x 2.6 x 1.2 in.
Approx. 115/4.0 oz.

CANON EOS 10D Digital Camera (BP-511)


Canon's new EOS 10D digital SLR camera is an incredible 6.3 megapixels of resolution and Canon's exclusive DIGIC-based imaging processor, you'll start taking the pictures you've been dreaming of: images full of lifelike detail and stunning depth, with color that's utterly natural. Canon's EOS 10D is a high-performance tool, with a high-speed, wide-area 7-point AF system that stops action cold and lets you put your subject anywhere in the frame, 3 frames-per-second shooting with 9 continuous shots at any resolution, an ergonomic design and high-grade rigid magnesium alloy body for superb durability. The Canon EOS 10D captures simultaneous RAW and JPEG images for ultimate flexibility, and gives you control over multiple processing parameters including color space. Print direct from compatible printers, with image-optimizing Exif 2.2 and DPOF 1.1 support. Best of all, the EOS 10D is compatible with Canon's full line of world-renowned EF lenses and many EOS system accessories. Canon USA's 1-year limited warranty included.

CANON EOS 10D DSLR Specification
List price • US: $1,999 (street around $1,499)
• EU: €2,200
• UK: £1,499
Body material Magnesium alloy
Sensor • 22.7 x 15.1 mm CMOS sensor
• RGB Color Filter Array
• Built-in fixed low-pass filter
• 6.5 million total pixels (3152 x 2068)
• 6.3 million effective pixels (3072 x 2048)
• 3:2 aspect ratio
Image sizes • 3072 x 2048
• 2048 x 1360
• 1536 x 1024
File formats • RAW (JPEG embedded, selectable size / quality)
• JPEG (EXIF 2.2)
File sizes (approx.) • 3072 x 2048 JPEG Fine: 2.4 MB
• 3072 x 2048 JPEG Normal: 1.2 MB
• 2048 x 1360 JPEG Fine: 1.3 MB
• 2048 x 1360 JPEG Normal: 0.7 MB
• 1536 x 1024 JPEG Fine: 0.8 MB
• 1536 x 1024 JPEG Normal: 0.4 MB
Color space • sRGB
• Adobe RGB (no parameter adjustment available)
Lenses • Canon EF lens mount
• 1.6x field of view crop
Focusing • 7-point TTL
• CMOS sensor
• AF working range: 0.5 - 18 EV (at 20°C, ISO 100)
Focus modes • One shot AF
• AI Servo AF
• AI Focus AF
• Manual focus
AF point selection • Auto
• Manual
• Home position
AF assist • Stroboscopic flash
• 4.0 m range (at center)
Metering • TTL 35 zone SPC
• Metering range: EV 1.0 - 20 EV (at 20°C, ISO 100, 50 mm F1.4)
Metering modes • Evaluative 35 zone
• Partial (9% at center)
• Center-weighted average
AE Lock • Auto: One Shot AF with evaluative metering
• Manual: AE lock button
AE Bracketing • +/- 2.0 EV
• 0.3 or 0.5 EV increments
Exposure compen. +/-2.0 EV in 0.3 EV or 0.5 EV steps
• Auto (100, 200 or 400)
• ISO 100
• ISO 200
• ISO 400
• ISO 800
• ISO 1600
• ISO 3200 (Enhanced H)

Shutter • Focal-plane shutter
• 30 - 1/4000 sec (0.3 or 0.5 EV steps)
• Flash X-Sync: 1/200 sec
• Bulb
Aperture values • F1.0 - F91 (0.3 or 0.5 EV steps)
• Actual aperture range depends on lens used
White balance • Auto (3000 - 7000 K)
• Daylight (5200 K)
• Shade (7000 K)
• Cloudy (6000 K)
• Tungsten (3200 K)
• Fluorescent (4000 K)
• Flash (6000 K)
• Custom (2000 - 10000 K)
• Kelvin (2800 - 10000 K in 100 K steps)
WB Bracketing +/-3 levels
Processing params • Standard (sRGB)
• Adobe RGB
• Set 1 (sRGB)
• Set 2 (sRGB)
• Set 3 (sRGB)
Custom params • Contrast (+/-2)
• Sharpness (+/-2)
• Saturation (+/-2)
• Color tone (+/-2)
Viewfinder • Eye-level pentaprism
• 95% frame coverage
• Magnification: 0.88x (-1 diopter with 50 mm lens at infinity)
• Eyepoint: 20 mm
• Dioptric adjustment: -3.0 to +1.0 diopter
• Fixed laser matte screen
Viewfinder info • AF points
• Focus confirmation light
• Shutter speed
• Aperture
• Manual exposure
• AE Lock
• Exposure compensation amount
• AEB level
• Partial metering area
• Flash ready
• Red-eye reduction lamp on
• High-speed sync
• FE Lock
• Flash compensation amount
• Warnings
• Maximum burst for continuous shooting
• Shots remaining
LCD monitor • 1.8" TFT LCD
• 118,000 pixels
• 5 brightness levels
• 10x zoom playback
Record review • Off
• On
• On (Info, inc. histogram)
• 2 / 4 / 8 sec / Hold
Flash • Auto pop-up E-TTL auto flash
• Guide number approx 13
• Flash compensation +/-2.0 EV in 0.3 or 0.5 EV steps
• X-Sync: 1/200 sec
External flash • E-TTL auto flash with EX-series Speedlites
• PC Sync
Shooting modes
• Auto
• Program AE (P)
• Shutter priority AE (Tv)
• Aperture priority AE (Av)
• Manual (M)
• Depth-of-field
• Portrait
• Landscape
• Close-up
• Sports
• Night portrait
• Flash off

Drive modes • Single
• Continuous: 3 fps up to 9 frames *
• Self-timer 10 secs
* at 1/250 sec or faster
Direct printing • Canon Card Photo Printers
• Canon Bubble Jet Printers with direct print function
Other features • Orientation sensor
• Automatically writes FAT16/FAT32 depending on capacity
• LCD panel illumination
Auto rotation • On (playback uses orientation data in file header)
• Off
Playback mode • Single image
• Single image with info (inc. histogram)
• Magnified view (1.5 - 10x in 15 steps, browsable)
• 9 image index
• Auto play
• Image rotation
• Jump
Custom functions 17 custom functions with 61 settings
Menu languages • English
• French
• German
• Spanish
• Italian
• Dutch
• Swedish
• Norwegian
• Danish
• Finnish
• Chinese
• Japanese
Firmware User upgradable
• USB 1.1
• Video out
• N3 type wired remote control
• PC Sync flash terminal

Storage • Compact Flash Type I or II
• Microdrive supported
• FAT 12/16 and FAT 32 support
• No CF card supplied
Power • Lithium-Ion BP-511 /512 rechargeable battery (supplied & charger)
• CR2025 Lithium battery (date/time backup)
• Optional AC adapter
Dimensions 150 x 107 x 75 mm (5.9 x 4.2 x 3.0 in)
Weight (no batt) 790 g (1.7 lb)
Box contents Canon EOS 10D camera body, Eyecup Eb, Battery Pack BP-511 , Battery Charger CB-5L, Power cord for battery charger, Interface cable IFC-300PCU, Video cable VC-100, Neck strap EW-100DB. EOS Digital Solution Disc, Adobe Photoshop Elements Disc. EOS 10D Instructions, EOS 10D Software Instructions, Battery Pack BP-511 Instructions, Warranty card, Quick Operation Guide, EOS 10D Accessories Guide.

Fujifilm Finepix F30 Digital With Camera NP-95

The Fujifilm Finepix F30 is a 6 megapixel digital camera that comes with a 3x Optical Zoom lens and 2.5inch LCD screen.

The F30 features shooting at up to 3200 ISO for low light shooting and also has a 'intelligent flash' system which helps combat those terrible flash shots that so many point and shoot cameras get where you foreground, background and subject are in real contrast to one another.
There has been no mention of price on the Fujifilm Finepix F30 yet but it will be in stores by May of 2006.

FinePix F30 Features
* 'Real Photo Technology' with new Super CCD HR and Real Photo Processor achieves a new standard for high sensitivity and low noise
* Offers best-in-class ISO 3200 sensitivity at full resolution (6.1 Mega Pixels).
* Exceptional image quality made possible by enhanced low-noise technolog
* New flash exposure modulation program 'Intelligent-Flash' prevents washed-out overexposure of people or other main subject, while high- sensitivity ensures bright, adequately exposed background detail.
* New PS shooting mode on the mode dial makes it possible to capture rapidly moving subjects without blurring; also minimizes effects of camera shake with fast shutter speed setting.
* 3.0x optical zoom lens (F2.8 ˆ F5), 36-108mm
* Extra-large 230,000-pixel 2.5-inch LCD surface is coated with Fujifilm´s proprietary CV film, minimizing glare and reflections for enhanced ease of viewing.
* Long-life battery np-95 (up to 500 shots)
* Fujifilm Finepix F30 battery use a NP-95 Lithium-ion battery pack 3.7V 1800mAh

Sample of FUJIFILM NP-95 Digital Camera Batteries

* 15 selectable scene positions.
Existing scene positions: Natural/People/Landscape/Sports/Night scene
* New scene positions
* Internal memory equipped
* Quick response times (0.01 second shutter lag* and 1.5 second start-up) *After AF/AE lock
* 3:2 image format option
* VGA movie capture of 30 frames per second with sound
* xD-Picture Card˙, providing large storage capacity, lower power consumption, and fast write speeds (16MB to 1GB capacities currently available)
* PictBridge˙ compatible for direct printing without a PC

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-M1 Digital Camera and NP-FT1

Sony new Cyber-shot DSC-M1 camera
A picture may say a thousand words, but with Sony's futuristic new Cyber-shot DSC-M1 digital camera and its extraordinary video features, it's what happens before and after the picture is taken that says the most."Capturing that one special moment in time is, of course, the reason why cameras exist," said Steve Haber, senior vice president for Sony Electronics' Personal Mobile and Imaging Division. "But what led up to that moment, and what happened just after is an important story to tell too." Enter, the Cyber-shot DSC-M1, a 5.1-megapixel digital still camera that also pays particular attention to the role moving images play in preserving memories, and even more attention to making it easy to use.
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-M1 Digital Camera General Features: 
5.1 megapixel Effective Super HAD CCD
1/2.4-inch CCD imaging device
2.5-inch TFT Hybrid Color LCD Screen w/123K pixels
MPEGMovie4TV mode
Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens
Enhanced control layout
Real imaging processing technology
Free angle LCD
Hybrid Recording
Built-in microphone and speaker
Audio/Video out
Built-in flash
USB interface
Memory Stick slot up to 512 MB (32 MB Memory Stick DUO with adapter included)
Comes with Cyber-Shot Station for quick and easy connection between TV and camera.
Power Support  sony np-ft1 lithium-ion battery
SONY NP-FT1 is a replacement Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, It has a power rating of 3.7V (compatible with 3.6V),680mAh.
Sample of SONY NP-FT1 Battery

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Olympus MJU-800 Digital Camera - Olympus li-12b Battery

The Olympus MJU 800 is an eight megapixel digital camera with a three times optical zoom lens. It is a stylish camera with a good build quality. Its metal body also has a weatherproof finish that should stop rain and spray from damaging the camera.
Name mju 800
Image sensor 1/1.8'' CCD with 8.3 million pixels.
Max output resolution 3264 x 2448
Other resolutions 2560 x 1920, 2272 x 1704, 2048 x 1536, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, 1024 x 768, 640 x 480
Zoom 3x optical, 5x digital
Optical focal length (35mm) 8.0 � 24mm (equivalent to 38 � 114mm)
Maximum lens aperture f/ 2.8 - f/ 4.9
Shutter speeds 4 sec. to 1/2,000 sec.
ISO rating Auto/64/100/200/400/800/1600
LCD screen 2.5" HyperCrystal TFT LCD, 215,000 pixels
Viewfinder N/A
Flash range 6.5 m
Flash modes Auto, red-eye reduction, fill-in, off
Exposure control Programme AE, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, 20 scene modes
Exposure metering Digital ESP metering, spot metering
Exposure Compensation ± 2 Ev with 1/3 Ev step
White balance modes Auto, tungsten, overcast, sunlight, fluorescent light 1,2,3
Auto-Focus iESP autofocus, spot autofocus, AF lock
Manual focus N/A
Macro focus distance 20 cm
Recording Modes Single, Continuous, Movie
Image formats JPEG (Exif Ver 2.2), AVI (Motion JPEG), WAV
Compression SQ, HQ, SHQ
Picture Adjustments N/A
Video (max res/format) 640 x 480, 15fps with sound.
Movie Length Up to card capacity
Self-timer 10 seconds
Memory card slot xD Picture
Supplied Memory 21MB internal
Batteries supplied LI-12B 3.7V 1230mAh rechargeable
Recharger supplied Yes
A/V output PAL and NTSC
Ports USB/AV/DC in
Accessories Charger, audio/video cable, USB cable, strap
Dimensions (W x H x D) 103 x 57.5 x 33mm.
Weight (Body Only) 181.5g
Software Full manual, Olympus Master software
Warranty 24 Months
It has one or two advanced controls that you are not typically found on this type of digital camera. The MJU 800 is likely to appeal to anyone who is looking for a well made camera, offering extra protection against the weather and with a higher than normal resolution (number of megapixels).
Olympus Li-12B Battery
Olympus li-12b is a high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. A replacement li-12b battery could be found in UK, US, CA market now.

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Website Collection for Digital Camera Replacement Battery

As a traveler out door fraqutenly, there are a lot of opportunities to discover the nature live beautiful moment, digital cameras - our best partners, will record them as a constituent part of their life, and everyone could share these beautiful things.
But away from home, the most inconvenient is that all kinds of supplies, digital camera battery determines how far you can go, the number of beautiful pictures you can leaving . When encounter a very amazing scenery when the camera is power off by low battery, you would think that this is the world's most regrettable.
Met on this several occasions I am ready to buy a few back-up battery for my camera, there are a lot of battery site when i check this kind web on-line, after screening, I found a few relatively affordable  replacement site have quality assurance.
http://www.canon-digital-camera-battery.co.uk  This is the camera battery site in UK
http://www.digital-camera-batteries.org  This is the camera battery site in US
http://www.digitalcamerabattery.ca  This is the camera battery site in CA

In http://www.canon-digital-camera-battery.co.uk/batteries/canon-bp-511.htm I bought two bp-511 batteries for the my Canon 300D
I wrote this article hope that it's helpful to the photographers like me


Canon Powershot 800 IS Digital Camera( NB-5L)

After the Canon PowerShot SD900 lets now look at the Canon PowerShot SD800 IS Digital ELPH which has been tagged as Simple, Sophisticated and Image Stabilized. The new SD800 IS the top model in the Canon Digital ELPH IS series and offer users a more than satisfactory Seven Megapixel resolution. The new SD800 has the shift-type stabilization system which has designed keeping in mind the diminutive size of the digicam.

The SD800 IS includes a 3.8x optical zoom lens with a focal length of 4.6"17.3 mm (35 mm film equivalent 28"105 mm), f/2.8"f/5.8 and the DIGIC III Imaging Processor ensures top notch performance. The digicam promises to shine through in low light and other difficult shooting conditions via the onboard optical IS and a top ISO speed of 1600.This one too sports the Canon perpetual curve design and the camera just measures 2.28 inches high and 3.52 inches long! So small is not always bad!

Specifications Canon PowerShot SD800 IS / IXUS 850 IS Digital Camera
Type of Camera

 Compact digital still camera with built-in flash and the lens shift-type image stabilizer (IS) system, 3.8x Optical / 4x Digital / 15x Combined Zoom
CCD Type
 7.1 Megapixel, 1/ 2.5 inch type 
Total Pixels
 Approx. 7.4 Megapixels
Effective Pixels
 Approx. 7.1 Megapixels
Focal Length 4.6-17.3mm f/2.8-5.8 (35mm film equivalent: 28-105mm)
Start Up Time Approximately 1.3 sec
Shutter Release Lag 0.1 sec or less
Digital Zoom 4x
Focusing Range

 Normal: 1.5 ft./45cm-infinity
Macro: 1.2 in.-2.0 ft./3-60cm (WIDE), 1-2.0 ft./30-60cm (TELE)
Digital Macro: 1.2 in.-2.0 ft./3-60cm (WIDE)
Autofocus System
 TTL Autofocus
Optical Viewfinder
 Real-image optical zoom viewfinder
LCD Monitor

 2.5 inch low-temperature polycrystalline silicon TFT color LCD
Brightness adjustment: 15 levels
LCD Resolution
 Approx. 207,000 pixels
LCD Coverage 100%
Maximum Aperture
 f/2.8 (W) - f/5.8 (T)
Shutter Speed 15-1/1600 sec.; Long Shutter operates with noise reduction when manually set at 1.3-15 sec.
ISO Sensitivity Auto, High ISO Auto, ISO 80/100/200/400/800/1600 (Standard Output Sensitivity/Recommended Exposure Index)
Light Metering Method Evaluative, Center-weighted average, Spot** Metering frame is fixed to the center 
Exposure Control Method
 Program AE; AE Lock is available
Exposure Compensation +/-2 stops in 1/3-stop increments
White Balance Control Auto, Preset (Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H), Custom
Built-in Flash Auto, Auto w/ Red-Eye Reduction, Auto w/ Slow Synchro, Flash On, Flash On w/ Red-Eye Reduction, Flash On w/ Slow Synchro, Flash Off
Flash Range Normal: 1.6-13 ft./50cm - 4.0m (W), 1.6-6.6 ft./50cm - 2.0m (T)
Macro: 1-1.6 ft./30-50cm (when sensitivity is set to ISO Auto)
Recycling Time 10 sec. or less 
Shooting Modes

 Auto, Camera M, Special Scene (Portrait, Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Aquarium, Underwater, Indoor, Kids & Pets, Night Snapshot), Color Accent, Color Swap, Digital Macro, Stitch Assist, Movie
Photo Effects

 My Colors
Vivid, Vivid Blue, Vivid Green, Vivid Red, Neutral, Sepia, Black & White, Positive Film, Lighter Skin Tone, Darker Skin Tone, Custom Color
Self-Timer Activates shutter after an approx. 2-sec./10-sec. delay, Custom
Continuous Shooting Approx. 1.7 fps
Storage Media SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card, MultiMediaCard
File Format Design rule for camera file system, DPOF Version 1.1
Image Quality Settings
 Normal, Fine, SuperFine
Image Size Settings

 3,072 x 2,304 (Large)
2,592 x 1,944 (Medium 1)
2,048 x 1,536 (Medium 2)
1,600 x 1,200 (Medium 3)
640 x 480 (Small)
3,072 x 1,728 (Widescreen)


640 x 480 / 320 x 240 (30 fps/15 fps) available up to 4GB, 320 x 240 (1 min. at 60 fps), 160 x 120 (3 min. at 15 fps)
Playback Modes File

 Still Image: Single, Magnification (approx. 2x-10x), Jump, Auto Rotate, Rotate, Resume Playback, My Category, Histogram, Index (9 thumbnails), Sound Memos, Slide Show
Movie: Normal Playback, Special Playback, Editing
Computer Interface USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (mini-B jack)
Video Out NTSC/PAL

 Memory card slot; direct connection to Canon CP and SElphY Compact Photo Printers, PIXMA Photo Printers and PictBridge-compatible printers via camera's USB 2.0 Hi-Speed cable
Power Source

 1. Rechargeable Lithium Battery NB-5L included
2. AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC30
Shooting Capacity

 Still Image: approx. 270 shots (NB-5L/LCD on)* approx. 600 shots (NB-5L/LCD off)
* The above figures comply with CIPA testing standards and apply when a fully-charged battery is used. 
Playback Time Approx. 360 min. (NB-5L
(W x H x D)
 3.52 x 2.28 x 0.99 in. / 89.5 x 58.0 x 25.1mm
 Approx. 5.29 oz. / 150g (camera body only)
Language Menu Support
 25 display languages provided (English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Greek, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Thai, Arabic, Romanian, Ukrainian)

Canon PowerShot SD800 IS Features:

3x Optical Zoom
Image stabilization
2.5 inch LCD screen
Face detection technology
Wide angle lens (28mm)
ISO of up to 1600
30 frames per second movie mode

Nikon Coolpix S550 Digital Camera

When Nikon revealed its Fall 2007 lineup, something was missing: a 10-megapixel camera. The S-Series models jumped from 8 (S510) to 12 megapixel (S700). This oversight has now been addressed with not one but two new 10-megapixel cameras, the S550 and the S600. They are different enough that we'll dedicate a separate page to each.

The S550 is a small and handy little camera that will appeal to those who like to get close. That's because it, unlike any other S-Series Coolpix, has a 5X optical zoom. Depending on the kinds of pictures you like to take, that can make a huge difference. Following the trend of offering cameras in different colors, the S550 comes in plum, cool blue and graphite black. And with a list price of just US$229, it's a bargain.

Nikon S550 - Features
• Improved Face-priority AF
• In-Camera Red-Eye Fix
• Nikon D-Lighting
• Active Zoom allows smoother zooming for close-ups
• Macro shooting from as close as 10 cm (4 in.)
• Three movie modes with sound, plus time-lapse movie mode
• Time zone function for easy setting of multiple locations
• SDHC card compatibility
• Approx. 50 MB of internal memory
• USB connectivity
• PictBridge support


Effective pixels
 10.0 million

Image sensor
 1/2.3-in. CCD; total pixels: approx. 10.34 million 

 5x Zoom-NIKKOR; 6.3-31.5mm (35mm [135] format picture angle: 36-180mm); f/3.5-5.6; 8 elements in 6 groups; Digital zoom: up to 4x (35mm [135] format picture angle: 720mm)

Focus range (from lens)
 35cm (1 ft. 2 in.) to infinity (∞), Macro close-up mode: 10cm (4 in.) to infinity (∞) at wide-angle

 2.5-in., approx. 230k-dot, wide viewing angle TFT LCD with anti-reflection coating

Storage media
 Internal memory (approx. 50 MB), SD memory cards

Image size (pixels)
 3648 x 2736 (High: 3648/Normal: 3648), 2592 x 1944 (Normal: 2592), 2048 x 1536 (Normal: 2048), 1024 x 768 (PC: 1024), 640 x 480 (TV: 640), 1920 x 1080 (16:9)

Vibration Reduction (VR)
 Electronic VR

ISO sensitivity
 ISO 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 2000, Auto (auto gain ISO 64-800), High-Sensitivity mode (ISO 64-1600)

 Hi-Speed USB

Power sources
 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL11 (supplied), AC Adapter EH-62E (optional)

Battery life
 Approx. 200 shots with EN-EL11 battery (based on CIPA standard)

 EN-EL11 is a 500mAh 3.7V li-ion battery pack 

Dimensions (W x H x D)
 Approx. 90 x 53.5 x 22 mm (3.6 x 2.1 x 0.9 in.) excluding projections

 Approx. 120 g (4.2 oz.) without battery and SD memory card


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Olympus E-330 Digital Camera Olympus BLW-1 Battery

On January 26th 2006 over a year since the introduction of the E-300 Olympus revealed the 7.5 million pixel 'live view' successor, the E-330. The E-330's biggest differentiator to any other digital SLR is its capability to deliver a live view on the LCD monitor (in the same manner as a prosumer / consumer all-in-one digital camera). For those new to digital SLR's this is difficult to achieve because of the mirror / shutter mechanism, the mirror is in the light path in view mode to provide an image to the viewfinder, this means that no image can be projected onto the main sensor. Additionally most large D-SLR sensor don't have video out capability. Other changes over the E-300 include a flip-out LCD screen and a range of feature improvements inherited from the E-500.
Olympus E-330 Technical Specs
Interchangeable Lens Live View Digital SLR Camera
Compact Flash Card (Type I, II), Micro Drive, xD-Picture Card (Dual Slot)
Imager Size
17.3mm x 13.0mm
Lens Mount
Four Thirds Mount
Compatible Lens
Zuiko Digital, Four Thirds System Lens
Image Sensor
Live MOS sensor, (4/3 type MOS solid-state image sensor)
Effective Pixel Number
7.94 million pixels
Filter Array
Primary color filter (RGB)
Fixed type
IR Cut Filter
Hybrid Type
Dust Protection Filter
Supersonic Wave Filter
Recording System
Type of Recording Format
Type of File Format
JPEG, TIFF Ver. 6.0 (Exif 2.2), RAW (12bit)
RAW + JPEG Recording
File Size
RAW | 3136 x 2352 | Uncompressed | Approx. 12.9MB
TIFF | 3136 x 2352 | Uncompressed | Approx. 21.6MB
SHQ | 3136 x 2352 | 1/2.7 | Approx. 5.7MB
HQ | 3136 x 2352 | 1/4 / 1/8 / 1/12 | Approx. 4.0/1.8/1.2MB
SQ | 2560 x 1920 | 1/2.7 / 1/4 / 1/8 / 1/12 | Approx. 4.0/2.4/1.2/0.8MB
SQ | 1600 x 1200 | 1/2.7 / 1/4 / 1/8 / 1/12 | Approx. 1.4/0.9/0.5/0.3MB
SQ | 1280 x 960 | 1/2.7 / 1/4 / 1/8 / 1/12 | Approx. 0.9/0.6/0.3/0.2MB
SQ | 1024 x 768 | 1/2.7 / 1/4 / 1/8 / 1/12 | Approx. 0.6/0.4/0.2/0.1MB
SQ | 640 x 480 | 1/2.7 / 1/4 / 1/8 / 1/12 | Approx. 0.2/0.2/0.1/0.1MB
Eye level Porro Mirror type Optical View Finder
Viewfinder coverage
Approx. 95%
Approx. x 0.93 with 50mm Lens set to infinity on -1 [m-1]
Eye Point
18.0 mm (-1 [m-1])
Diopter Adjustment
Built-in type -3.0 to +1.0 [m-1]
Focusing Screen
Fixed type
Side Swing Quick Return Mirror
Viewfinder information
AF frame, Shutter speed, Aperture value, AF confirmation mark, Flash, White balance, AE lock, Number of storable still pictures, Exposure compensation value indication, Metering mode, Battery check, Exposure mode, Record mode
Eye Piece Shutter
Built-in type
Depth of Field Preview
Possible (Drive Button Customization).
Selectable in optical viewfinder or on LCD monitor.
LCD Monitor
HyperCrystal LCD (TFT Color LCD)
2.5 Inch
Pixel Number
215,250 pixels
Viewfield coverage
Approx. 100%
Brightness Control
+/- 7 steps
Live View
A mode: Full Time Live View with AF function.
B mode: Macro Live View with MF
Auto Focus
TTL Phase Difference Detection System
Focus Mode
Single AF (S-AF) / Continuous AF (C-AF) / Manual Focus / S-AF + MF/ C-AF + MF
Focus Area
3 points
Detection Range
EV 0 to 19 (ISO 100)
Focus Area Selection
Automatic Selectable/Manual Selectable
AF Assist Lamp
Built-in Flash type
AF Lock
Locked by first position of Shutter Button/ AE/AF Lock Button (Customizable)
Exposure Control
Light Metering System
TTL Full Aperture Light Metering by 49 Zones Multi-pattern Sensing System
Light Metering Mode
Digital ESP / Center Weighted Average / Spot / Highlight Spot / Shadow Spot (Approx. 2% Spot)
Detection Range
Digital ESP / Center Weighted Average; EV 1 to 20 (50mm F2, ISO 100) Spot; EV 3 to 17 (50mm F2, ISO 100)
Exposure Mode
Program with Program Shift / Shutter Priority / Aperture Priority / Manual / Scene Program AE / Scene Select AE
Scene Program AE
Portrait / Landscape / Macro / Sports / Nigh Scene & Portrait (Underwater Macro and Underwater Wide selectable)
Scene Select
Portrait / Landscape / Landscape & Portrait / Night Scene / Nigh Scene & Portrait / Children / Sports / High-Key / Low-Key / Reducing Blur / Macro / Nature Macro / Candle / Sunset / Firework / Documents / Beach & Snow / Underwater Macro / Underwater Wide / Panorama
Exposure Compensation
Up to +/- 5 EV in each 1, 1/2, or 1/3 EV step
AE Lock
Locked by first position of Shutter Button / AE/AF Lock Button (Customizable)
Exposure Bracketing
3 Frames in +/- 1, 2/3, or 1/3 EV step
White Balance System
WB mode
Auto WB, Preset WB, One-touch WB
Preset WB
Lamp1(3000k) / Fluorescent 1 (4000k) / Fluorescent 2 (4500k) / Fluorescent 3 (6600k) / Daylight (5300k) / Cloudy (6000k) / Shadow (7500k)
WB Compensation
R-B/G-M up to +/- 7 step in each 2 mired step for each Auto / Preset setting
WB Bracketing
3 Frames with +/- 5/10/15 mired steps
Color System
Color Space
sRGB / AdobeRGB
Picture Mode
Vivid / Natural / Flat / B&W / Sepia
Color Saturation
5 levels in each Vivid, Natural and Flat mode
5 levels in each Picture mode
5 levels in each Picture mode
Yellow / Orange / Red / Green in B&W mode
Sepia / Blue / Red / Green in B&W mode
3 levels
Electronic Controlled Focal Plane Shutter
Shutter Speed
Auto,P,Ps: 1/4000 to 2 Sec, S: 1/4000 to 60 Sec, M: 1/4000 to 60 Sec and Bulb (up to 8 minutes)
Self Timer
12 or 2 Sec. (possible to cancel)
Remote Control
Wireless with bulb function by RM-1 (Optional)
Drive System
Drive Mode
Single/Sequential Shooting
Sequential Shooting Speed
Frame Rate Approx. 3 fps.
Max. Frame Number on Sequential Shooting
JPEG HQ, SQ: 15 Frames minimum, Max. number of frames depends on compression ratio and pixel number
Built-in Flash
TTL Auto/Manual
Built-in Flash
Yes. Flash Guide Number: 13
Synchronization Mode
Auto/Red-eye Reduction/Slow synchro/Fill-in
X-Sync Speed
X = 1/180 Sec
Intensity Control
Up to +/- 2 EV in each 1, 1/2, or 1/3 EV step
Syncro Timing
1st curtain and 2nd curtain selectable
Hot Shoe
TTL Auto with FL-20/FL-36/FL-50
Display Mode
Single / Zoom ( 2 / 3 / 4 /6 / 8 / 10 / 14x) / Index (4 / 9 / 16 /25 frames) / Calendar View / Slide Show / Light Box View
Exposure Mode, Metering Mode, Shutter Speed, F-Stop, Compensation level, ISO, Color Space, WB Mode, WB Compensation Level, Focal Length, Focus Area, File type, Picture Mode
Exposure Level View
Y,R,G,B Histograms, High Light Point Warning
Video Signal Output
Menu Information
Image, Camera, Play Back, Custom, Setup
Menu Languages
English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean
Erase/Protection Function
Erase Mode
Image Protect Mode
PC Interface
USB 2.0 Full Speed
Power Supply
Rechargeable Li-ion battery Pack BLM-1/Optional 3x CR123A with LBH-1
5.5 x 3.4 x 2.8 inches (140 x 87 x 72mm)
Approx. 19.4 oz. (550g); Without Batteries and CF Card
Operating Range: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
Storage Range: 4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Operating Range: 30% to 90%, Storage Range; 10% to 90%
All capacity figures are approximate.
BLW-1 Battery Replacement
  • Chemistry LI-ION
  • Voltage 7.4V
  • Capacity 1600mAh
  • Dimension 55.80x39.60x21.00 mm
    blm-1 in uk
    blm-1 in us
    blm-1 in ca

    Fujifilm FinePix S100FS Digital Camera With Battery NP-140

    The Fujifilm FinePix S100FS is based around a 2/3-inch Super CCD HR VIII image sensor with an 11.1 effective megapixel resolution and Fuji's RP Processor III. The sensor is coupled to a Fujinon-branded f/2.8 to f/5.3, 14.3x optical zoom lens that offers a 35mm-equivalent focal range from 28 to 400mm, and includes both optical image stabilization and a true manual zoom ring (rather than the "fly-by-wire" zooms found on most such digital cameras).

    Other Fujifilm S100FS features include a 2.5-inch tilting LCD display, an SD/SDHC/xD-Picture Card combo slot, Fuji's face detection 2.0 with automatic red-eye removal, extended dynamic range control, and ISO from 100 to 3,200 with extensions to ISO 6,400 at 6 megapixels and a very high ISO 10,000 at 3 megapixels. The Fujifilm FinePix S100FS also has the ability to save in RAW format, and offers a selection of film simulation modes.

    Specifications Model FinePix S100FS
    Number of effective pixels *1 11.1 million pixels
    CCD sensor 2/3 - inch Super CCD HR
    Storage media Internal memory (approx. 25MB) xD-Picture Card? (16MB - 2GB) SD memory card SDHC memory card *2 
    File format Still image
    JPEG (Exif Ver 2.2) *3

    Uncompresed CCD-RAW(RAF format, RAW conversion software included in CD-ROM)

    AVI (Motion JPEG) with sound

    WAVE format, Monaural sound

    (Design rule for Camera File system compliant / DPOF-compatible)
    Number of recorded pixels Still image: 3,840x2,880 / 4,032x2,688 (3:2 format) / 2,816x2,112 / 2,048x1,536 / 1,600x1,200 / 640x480 pixels
    Lens Fujinon 14.3x Optical zoom lens, F2.8 (W) - F5.3 (T)
    Lens focal length f=7.1mm - 101.5mm, Equivalent to 28 - 400mm on a 35mm camera
    Aperture F2.8-F11 (W) / F5.3-F11 (T), max. 13 steps in 1/3 EV increment
    Digital zoom Approx. 2.0x
    Focus distance Normal
    Wide Angle: Approx. 50cm / 1.6ft to infinity Telephoto: Approx. 2.5m / 8.2ft to infinity Macro
    Wide Angle: Approx. 10cm / 0.3ft to 3.0m / 9.8ft Telephoto: Approx. 0.9m / 3.0ft to 3.0m / 9.8ft Super Macro
    Approx. 1cm / 0.4in. to 1.0m / 3.3ft 
    Sensitivity AUTO / AUTO (1600) / AUTO (800) / AUTO (400) / Equivalent to 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400 / 10000 (Standard Output Sensitivity)

    * ISO6400: 6M pixels or lower, ISO10000: 3M pixels or lower (Number of recorded pixels)
    Exposure control TTL 256 - zones metering
    Exposure modes Programmed AE, Aperture Priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual
    Shooting modes Mode dial
    Auto, FSB, SP1, SP2, C1, C2, P, A, S, M, Movie

    Nature, Nature-soft, Nature-Vivid, Flower

    Portrait, Portrair - soft, Baby, Portrait Enhancer, Night, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Sport, Fireworks

    Film simulation Bracketing

    C1 / C2
    Custom setting position
    Image Stabilizer Lens-shift type
    Shutter speed [AUTO mode] 1/4 sec. to 1/4000 sec.

    [All other mode] 30 sec. to 1/4000 sec. Bulb mode (up to 30 sec.)
    Continuous shooting Top-7 (max 3 frames/sec.), (CCD-RAW: Top-3) High speed Top-50, (max 7 frames/sec., 3M pixels) Last-7 (max 3 frames/sec.), (CCD-RAW: Last-3) Long-period (max.1.1 frames/sec.) 
    Bracketing mode Film Simulation BKT (PROVIA, Velvia, SOFT)

    Dynamic Range BKT (DR100%, 200%, 400%)

    AE BKT (±1/3EV, ±2/3EV, ±1EV)
    Focus Auto focus (Area,Multi,Center) / Continuous AF / Manual focus (One-push AF mode included)

    AF assist illuminator available
    White balance Automatic scene recognition, Preset (Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight)Fluorescent light (Warm White)Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light), Custom
    Self-timer Approx. 10sec. / 2sec. delay
    Flash Auto flash

    Effective range: (ISO AUTO(800))
    Wide Angle: approx. 0.6m - 7.2m / 2.6ft - 23.6ft Telephoto: approx. 2.5m - 3.8m / 8.2ft - 12.5ft Macro
    Wide Angle: approx. 0.3m - 0.8m / 1.0ft - 2.6ft Telephoto: approx. 0.9m - 1.3m / 3.0ft - 4.3ft Flash mode
    Red-eye removal OFF: Auto, Forced Flash, Slow Synchro Red-eye removal ON: Red-eye Reduction Auto, Red-eye Reduction & Forced Flash 
    Electronic Viewfinder 0.2 - inch, approx.200,000 dots FLCD monitor (R/G/B colors are displayed in a single dot)
    LCD monitor 2.5 - inch , approx.230,000 dots, Amorphous silicon TFT color LCD monitor(WV type), approx. 100% coverage
    Movie recording 640x480 pixels, 30 frames/sec. 320x240 pixels, 30 frames/sec. With monaural sound
    Photography functions Film Simulation mode, Dynamic Range selection(AUTO / 400% / 200% / 100%), Face Detection (with Red-eye removal), High speed shooting, Best framing, Frame No.memory, Histograms
    Playback functions Face Detection (with Red-eye removal), Multi - frame playback including Microthumbnail mode, Trimming, Image rotate, Slide show, Sorting by date, Histograms (Highlight warning), Voice Memo, Automatic Vertical-Horizontal detection, High speed playback
    Video output NTSC / PAL selectable
    Digital interface USB 2.0 High-speed
    Power supply NP - 140 Li-ion battery (included) / AC power adapter AC - 84V (sold separately)
    Dimensions 133.4(W)x93.6(H)x150.4(D) mm / 5.3(W)x3.7(H)x5.9(D) in. (excluding accessories and attachments)
    Weight Approx. 918g / 32.4oz. (excluding accessories, batteries and memory card)

    *1 Number of effective pixels: The number of pixels on the image sensor which receive input light through the optical lens, and which are effectively reflected in the final output data of the still image. *2 Please see the Fujifilm website to check memory card compatibility. *3 Exif 2.2 is a newly revised digital camera file format that contains a variety of shooting information for optimal printing.
    Np-140 Battery
    Storage and Battery. The 1,150 mAh lithium-ion battery fujifilm np-140 is a bit larger than the small lithium-ions in most digicams but there's plenty of room for it in the sizeable grip. A large yellow battery release makes it easy to pop the Fujifilm S100FS's battery np-140 in and out of the socket, too; quite a relief from the tiny releases in ultracompacts. An AC adapter is also available.

    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V3 and Sony Np-fr1

    The Cyber-shot DSC-V3 is powered by a InfoLithium battery type NP-FR1. The NP-FR1 (3.6 volts, 4.4W) in the camera via the supplied standard AC power. The advantage of the InfoLithium battery is the fact that every minute this precise information about the remaining energy of the battery. This is graphically displayed on the monitor what ultimate very user friendly. An additional advantage is that the InfoLithium battery has been the characteristic energy to maintain long, so virtually no discharges. There is nothing annoying than an advanced camera in hand with the expectation that one time recording to be made and to note that the previous week charged battery is empty again, self-discharging.

    Sony DSC-V3 High Points
    • 7.41-megapixel CCD delivering image resolutions as high as 7.078 megapixels (3,072 x 2,304) from the "7.2 effective" megapixel sensor.
    • 2.5-inch color LCD monitor.
    • Real-image optical viewfinder.
    • Optional "live" histogram display in viewfinder.
    • 4x optical zoom with up to 4.75x Smart Zoom (depending on the resolution selected).
    • 7-28mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens.
    • Auto and Manual focus option and adjustable AF area.
    • Hologram AF assist light for low-light and low-contrast focusing.
    • NightShot and NightFraming IR modes for "no light" framing and shooting.
    • Adjustable apertures from f/2.8 to f/8, depending on zoom position.
    • Full Auto, Program AE, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and Manual exposure modes, plus seven preset Scene modes.
    • Shutter speeds from 1/1,000 to 30 seconds in Manual and Shutter Priority modes, 1 to 1/2000 in Program Auto, 8 to 1/2000 in Aperture Priority, and 1/8 to 1/2000 in Full Auto mode.
    • Adjustable ISO with sensitivity equivalents of Auto, 100, 200, 400, and 800.
    • White Balance setting with six presets and a manual setting.
    • Multi-Pattern, Center-Weighted, and Spot metering options.
    • Contrast, Sharpness, and Saturation adjustments.
    • Built-in, swing-up flash with four operating modes.
    • External flash hot shoe as well as proprietary connection socket.
    • True Through-The-Lens (TTL) flash metering.
    • MPEGMovie VX mode with sound recording. (Full VGA-resolution movies, recording time limited only by memory card capacity.)
    • "Burst 8" mode captures 8 full-res shots at 2fps
    • Multi-burst (matrix of 16 images) Auto Exposure Bracketing, E-Mail, Voice, and 10-second Self-Timer modes.
    • Uncompressed TIFF, RAW, and JPEG image file formats (movies saved as MPEG).
    • Image storage on Sony Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, and Compact Flash Type I.
    • DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) and PictBridge compatibility.
    • Power from Sony NP-FR1 lithium-ion battery pack or AC adapter (included).
    • AV Cable with NTSC and PAL format options
    • USB cable and software CD for quick connection to a computer.


    The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V3 is powered by an NP-FR1 InfoLITHIUM battery pack (3.6 volts, 4.4 watt-hours) and comes with an AC adapter which doubles as an in-camera battery charger. InfoLITHIUM battery packs contain a chip that exchanges information with the camera, allowing the camera to report approximately how many minutes of battery life are left at the current drain level. This information is displayed on the LCD monitor and the electronic viewfinder with a small battery graphic. The AC adapter plugs into a small socket on the camera's back panel. It can run the camera without a battery inserted, or charge the battery when the camera isn't in use.

    The Li-Ion battery packs used in Sony cameras prevent me from making my usual direct power measurements, but the good news is that the InfoLITHIUM system reports projected camera runtime while the battery is being used in the camera. Despite the excellent feedback provided by the InfoLITHIUM system, I still recommend you purchase and pack along a second battery, though. (Another advantage of the Li-Ion technology used in the InfoLITHIUM batteries is that they don't "self-discharge" like conventional NiMH rechargeable cells do, and so can hold their charge for months on the shelf or in your camera bag.)



    Casio Exilim Pro EX-P700 (Casio NP-40)

    Casio Exilim Pro EX-P700
    The Casio Exilim Pro EX-P700 is a 7.2 megapixel compact digital camera with a fast 4x optical zoom lens made by Canon that offers a focal length of 33-132mm. The EX-P700 offers an extended battery life of around 260 shots and has a full range of manual and automatic shooting modes, including no less than 27 different Scene modes to help you achieve the correct exposure. On the rear of the camera is a 2-inch LCD screen, and inside is technology that ensures quick operation in terms of shutter lag, startup time, focusing and continuous shooting. Casio claims that the EX-P700 is a digital camera for semi-professional use, so does it live up to this billing? Find out by reading my review of the Casio Exilim Pro EX-P700.

    General Features:
    Advanced image noise reduction for improved image quality, especially when shooting at night.
    Built-in speaker for voice recording and still image with audio playback, as well as movies with audio.
    High speed startup �ready to shoot about 2 seconds after power is turned on (with flash off).
    A release time lag of only 0.01 second. Image capture starts virtually as soon as the shutter is pressed.
    Multi-Auto Focus for automatic selection of the optimum focus point location from a 7 point multi-focus area. Free Auto Focus for selecting your own desired focus point location.
    Manual Assist gives a sample picture of the effect of changes in the manual settings.
    High speed playback scrolls through recorded images at 0.1 sec per image for faster image searching.
    Large 2.0" TFT LCD scratch resistant acrylic panel monitor.
    EX-FINDER graphically displays the picture information intuitively via the LCD display
    RGB Histogram creates a histogram in red, green, or blue separately for the optimum picture balance.
    The BESTSHOT mode with 27 pre-set scenarios in an instant. Simply select a sample scene similar to the image you want, and the camera's settings are configured automatically.
    Bulb photography mode, which takes a continuous exposure, can be used with the included remote control to take perfect pictures without blurriness.
    A flash synch terminal enables the connection of external flash devices.
    Full month calendar screen shows a thumbnail of the first image recorded on each date.
    Slide Show function lets you enjoy a picture show right on the camera's LCD display.
    The Alarm function sounds an alarm with a specified image at a preset time. A voice message can also be selected to play back at the alarm time.
    World Time lets you select one of 162 cities in 32 time zones around the world as your home time. When traveling, simply select the applicable city, and time and date settings are adjusted automatically.
    Triple Self-timer records three consecutive images, so you can select and keep the best one.
    Images can be stored in a Web browser format allowing you to browse images in an on screen album.
    Internal 8.9MB flash memory, can be supplemented with SD / MMC memory cards (card not included).
    Favourites folder lets you store favourite or private images so they are not displayed during normal playback.
    Connects directly to PictBridge and USB DIRECT-PRINT* compatible printers.
    Complies with ExifPrint (Exif 2.2) and PRINT Image Matching III.
    Power Requirements Proprietary NP-40 3.7v 1230mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery
    Optional AC adapter

    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    Sony Cyber-shot T200 Digital Still Camera Battery NP-BD1

    Sony Cyber-shot T200 Digital Still Camera

    Series highlights: 8.1 megapixel, 3.5" touchscreen, 5X Optical Zoom, up to 25X Smart Zoom®

    Face Detection, Smile Shutter Mode, SteadyShot® Image Stabilization

    Sensor   1/2.5" Type CCD
      8.3 million pixels total
      8.1 million effective pixels
    Image sizes   3264 x 2448
      2592 x 1944
      2048 x 1536
      640 x 480
      3264 x 2176 (3:2)
      1920 x 1080 (16:9)
    Movie clips   640 x 480 @ 30fps
      640 x 480 @ 16.6fps
      320 x 240 @ 8.3fps
    File formats   JPEG Exif v2.21
    Lens   5x optical zoom
      35-175 mm (35 mm equiv)
      Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar
      F3.5 - F4.4
    Image stabilization Super SteadyShot 
    Conversion lenses Yes (wide converter VCL-DE07TB)
    Digital zoom  up to 10x (up to 25x at 640x480)
    Focus modes  Autofocus, Macro, Focus Preset, Magnifying Glass 
    Focus distance   Normal: 50 cm-infinity (wide), 80cm-infinity (tele)
      Macro: 8 cm - infinity (wide), 80 cm - infinity (tele)
      Magnifying Glass mode: 1 cm - 20 cm 
    AF area modes    9-point
      Flexible Spot
    AF assist lamp  Yes
    Metering   Face Detection
    ISO sensitivity   Auto
      ISO 80
      ISO 100
      ISO 200
      ISO 400
      ISO 800
      ISO 1600
      ISO 3200
    Exposure compensation +/- 2EV in 1/3EV steps 
    Exposure bracketing  Yes
    Shutter speed   Auto: 1/4 - 1/1000 sec
      Program Auto: 1 sec- 1/1000 sec 
    Aperture F3.5 - 10 (wide) F4.3 - 10 (tele)
    Modes   Auto
      Program Auto
    Scene modes    Twilight
      Twilight Portrait
      Soft Snap
      High-speed Shutter
      High Sensitivity
      Smile Shutter
    White balance   Auto
      Fluorescent 1
      Fluorescent 2
      Fluorescent 3
    Self timer 2 or 10sec
    Continuous shooting Approx 2fps
    Image parameters Color Mode: Vivid, Natural, B&W, Sepia
    Flash   Auto
      Forced On
      Slow Sync
      Forced Off
      Range (auto ISO): 0.1 - 3.7 m (wide) 0.8 - 2.9 m (tele)
      +/- 1 stop flash compensation
    Viewfinder No
    LCD monitor   3.5-inch touch-sensitive 16:9 TFT
      230,000 pixels
      Variable backlight 
    Connectivity Multi-use Terminal - Incorporates USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and AV output
    Print compliance    Exif Print
      Print Image Matching 
    Storage   Memory Stick Duo
      Memory Stick Pro Duo
      Memory Stick Pro Duo (High Speed)
      Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo
      Internal memory (31 MB)
    Power   Li-ion battery pack NP-BD1 / NP-FD1
      Optional AC adapter
    Weight (no batt)  160 g (5.6 oz)
    Weight (with batt)  186 g (6.6 oz) 
    Dimensions 93.5 x 59.3 x 20.4 mm (3.7 x 2.3 x 0.8 in)
    SONY NP-BD1Battery is high-quality replacement battery pack for SONY NP-BD1 battery OEM, guaranteed compatbility with all cameras use the SONY NP-BD1 battery. The SONY NP-BD1 Battery is also compatible with batteries such as SONY NP-BD1, etc.
    SONY NP-BD1 replacement battery
    Sample of SONY NP-BD1 Digital Camera Batteries
    Buy SONY NP-BD1 Save More Than 15%
    (Including Free Taxes & VAT)
    • Item No.
    • EDSN018K
    • Chemistry
    • Li-ion
    • Voltage
    • 3.7V
    • Capacity
    • 650mAh
    • Dimension
    • 45.9*35.3*5.2 mm
    • Color
    • Black
  • Sony Cybershot T70 Camera and Battery NP-BD1

    The Sony DSC T70 is an 8 megapixel, pocket sized digital camera. One of the main attractions of the camera is likely to be the fact it has a touch screen. This allows you to change camera settings by following a series of on screen commands instead of using buttons and dials. The DSC T70 includes the increasingly popular face detection technology and image stabilisation.

    Sensor 1/2.5" Type CCD
    8.3 million pixels total
    8.1 million effective pixels

    Image sizes 3264 x 2448
    2048 x 1536
    640 x 480
    3264 x 2176 (3:2)
    1920 x 1080 (16:9)

    Movie clips 640 x 480 @ 30fps
    640 x 480 @ 16.6fps
    320 x 240 @ 8.3fps
    File formats JPEG Exif v2.21
    Lens 3x optical zoom
    38-114 mm (35 mm equiv)
    Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar
    F3.5 - F4.3
    Image stabilization Super SteadyShot
    Conversion lenses Yes (wide converter VCL-DE07TB)
    Digital zoom up to 6x (up to 15x at 640x480)
    Focus modes Autofocus, Macro, Focus Preset, Magnifying Glass
    Focus distance Normal: 50 cm-infinity
    Macro: 8 cm - infinity (wide) 25 cm - infinity (tele)
    Magnifying Glass mode: 1 cm - 20 cm
    AF area modes 9-point
    AF assist lamp Yes
    Metering Face Detection
    ISO sensitivity Auto
    ISO 80
    ISO 100
    ISO 200
    ISO 400
    ISO 800
    ISO 1600
    ISO 3200
    Exposure compensation +/- 2EV in 1/3EV steps
    Exposure bracketing Yes
    Shutter speed Auto: 1/4 - 1/1000 sec
    Program Auto: 1 sec- 1/1000 sec
    Aperture F3.5 - 10 (wide) F4.3 - 10 (tele)
    Modes Auto
    Program Auto
    Scene modes Twilight
    Twilight Portrait
    Soft Snap
    High-speed Shutter
    High Sensitivity
    Smile Shutter
    White balance Auto
    Fluorescent 1
    Fluorescent 2
    Fluorescent 3
    Self timer 2 or 10sec
    Continuous shooting Approx 2fps
    Image parameters Color Mode: Vivid, Natural, B&W, Sepia

    Flash Auto
    Forced On
    Slow Sync
    Forced Off
    Range (auto ISO): 0.1 - 3.0 m (wide) 0.25 - 2.5 m (tele)
    +/- 1 stop flash compensation
    Viewfinder No
    LCD monitor 3.0-inch touch-sensitive 16:9 TFT
    230,000 pixels
    Variable backlight
    Connectivity Multi-use Terminal - Incorporates USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and AV output
    Print compliance Exif Print
    Print Image Matching
    Storage Memory Stick Duo
    Memory Stick Pro Duo
    Memory Stick Pro Duo (High Speed)
    Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo
    Internal memory (31 MB)
    Power Li-ion battery pack
    NP-BD1 / NP-FD1
    Optional AC adapter
    Weight (no batt) 128 g (4.5 oz)
    Weight (with batt) 156 g (5.5 oz)
    Dimensions 90 x 56.4 x 20.7 mm (3.5 x 2.2 x 0.8 in)

    Sample of Sony NP-BD1 Digital Camera Batteries

    Buy Sony NP-BD1 Battery in UK

    Replacement Sony NP-BD1 Camera Battery (650mAh Capacity)

    Replacement Sony NP-BD1 Battery provides the best performance for cameras using Sony NP-BD1 Batteries. It has passed strict quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards. It is a reliable replacement battery of Sony NP-BD1. 650mAh / 3.7V / Brand New

    • Capacity: 650mAh
    • Voltage: 3.7V
    • Type: Li-ion
    • Dimension: 45.9*35.3*5.2 mm
    • Condition: New

    Sunday, December 21, 2008

    Canon Digital IXUS 85 IS Camera and Battery Pack NB-6L

    The Digital IXUS 85 IS feature

    Effective Number of Pixels Approx. 10.0 MP
    Size / Filter Array 1/2.3 inch / Primary colour filter (Bayer)
    Processor  DiG!C III

    Focal Length (optical) 6.2(W) - 18.6(T)
    35mm film equivalent 35 (W) - 105 (T) mm 
    f/number f/2.8- 8.0 (W), f/4.9-14.0 (T) 
    Shutter Speed 15 - 1/1500 sec. 
    Zoom Approx. 3x 
    Image Stabiliser Optical (Lens-shift type)

    AF System TTL Autofocus
    Focusing Frame Face detect1 / 9-point AiAF / 1-point AF (fixed: centre)
    AF Lock Available
    Range Normal: 30cm - infinity, Macro: cm - 50cm (W), 30cm - 50cm (T)
    Light Metering Method Evaluative2 / Centre-weighted average / Spot3
    Exposure Control Method Program AE

    Exposure Compensation 2 stops in 1/3-stop increments 
    Sensitivity (Equivalent Film Speed) Auto / ISO 80 / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 equivalent 
    White Balance Control TTL White Balance
    Monitor  2.5" PureColor LCD II (TFT), approx. 230,000 dots
    Flash Modes Auto/On/Off/Slow-synchro/Red-eye reduction is available
    Flash Range Normal: 30 cm -3.5 m (W) 30 cm - 2.0 m (T) 
    Other Flash Functions Face Detect FE / FE Lock

     The Digital IXUS 85 IS Digital Camera Feature
    Selectable Shooting Modes Auto Camera M (manual): Digital Macro / Portrait / Night Snapshot / Colour Accent / Colour Swap / Stitch Assist / Movie
    Still image: JPEG Compression (EXIF 2.2 Compliant) 
    Colour Space sRGB 
    Output Data Motion:  JPEG / WAVE (monaural) 
    JPEG Compression Levels:  Superfine / Fine / Normal 
    Still Images:  3684 x 2736 
    Continuous Shooting (Large/Fine) Approx:  1.4 shots/sec 
    Movie Recording:  (Large) 640 x 480, 30fps 
    File:  Operations / Direct Printing, PictBridge, Print/Share Yes 
    Computer I/F:  USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (mini-B jack) 
    Output:  PAL or NTSC Selectable / Monaural 
    Memory Storage:  SD Memory Card / SDHC Memory card / Multimedia Card / MMC Plus Card / HC MMC 
    Supplied Memory:   32MB SD Memory Card 
    Battery:  Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery NB-6L 
    Standard:  Charger/AC Adaptor Battery Charger CB-2LYE 
    Dimensions:  (W x D x H) 80.6 x 20.4 x 54.0 mm (ex. protruding parts) 
    Weight:   Approx. 130g (camera body only) 


    In The Box

    Canon IXUS 85 IS Body
    Lithium-ion Battery Pack
    Battery Charger
    SD Memory Card SDC-32M
    Wrist Strap
    Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM
    USB Interface Cable
    AV Cable

    Canon NB-6L Battery
    Replacement Battery for Canon NB-6L has passed strict quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards, it meets or exceeds the original quality of OEM Canon NB-6L Batteries. 750mAh / 3.7V / Brand New
     Canon NB-6L Battery

    A primary CANON NB-6L Battery is not intended to be recharged and is discarded when the battery has delivered all of its electrical energy.

    A rechargeable CANON NB-6L Battery is a galvanic battery which, after discharge, is restored to the fully charged state by the passage of an electrical current through the cell in the opposite direction to that of discharge.


    Green use advices for CANON NB-6L battery:

    1.Just make sure your CANON NB-6L Battery kept out of the reach of children and pets.
    2.Keep Your CANON NB-6L Cool,Keep battery away from fire or other sources of extreme heat. Do not incinerate. Exposure of battery to extreme heat may result in an explosion.
    3.Don't expose the CANON NB-6L battery to moisture or rain.
    4.A short-circuit may cause severe damage to the CANON NB-6L battery.
    5.Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the CANON NB-6L battery as this may result in the exposure of the cell contents, which are corrosive.
    6.If you have the option, plugging in will use less resources.

    Canon POWERSHOT S60 Camera Battery NB-2L

    Canon POWERSHOT S60 Digital Camera
  • New body design, smaller and lighter (with a much improved sliding cover mechanism)
  • New wide angle lens: 28 - 100 mm equiv. (3.6x), F2.8 - F5.3
  • New image size option: 2048 x 1536
  • New movie clip size: 640 x 480, 10 fps, up to 30 sec
  • Max shutter speed up to 1/2000 sec from 1/1500 sec
  • PictBridge support
  • Higher capacity NB-2LH battery
    NB-2LH Battery
    Chemistry LI-ION
    Voltage 7.4V(Compatible with 7.2V)
    Capacity 750mAh
    Dimension 45.00x33.30x16.00mm
    The CANON NB-2L is a replacement LI-ION rechargeable battery pack for CANON digital cameras. It has a power rating of 7.4V(Compatible with 7.2V),750mAh. Our CANON NB-2L has a battery life of approximately 300-500 times (2-5 years) with no memory effect.

    A primary CANON NB-2LH Battery is not intended to be recharged and is discarded when the battery has delivered all of its electrical energy.

    A rechargeable CANON NB-2LH Battery is a galvanic battery which, after discharge, is restored to the fully charged state by the passage of an electrical current through the cell in the opposite direction to that of discharge.

    Canon NB-2LH Camera Battery Pack is high-capacity replacement battery pack for Canon NB-2LH Batteries, the Canon NB-2LH Camera Battery Pack is guaranteed to perform equal to or better than the OEM equivalent battery.

    Friday, December 19, 2008

    Canon NB-5H Battery for Canon Powershot D350 A5 S20 ( Only £4.11 )

    digital camera replacement battery nb-5h only £4.11
    CANON NB-5H Battery is high-quality replacement battery pack for CANON NB-5H battery OEM, guaranteed compatbility with all cameras use the CANON NB-5H battery.
    Chemistry: NI-MH
    Voltage: 6.0V
    Capacity: 750mAh
    Dimension: 48.50x33.70x21.60mm
    CANON NB-5H Fit Models:
    CANON NB-5H Compatible With Battery Code:
    CANON 2CR5
    CANON F97-1032-011
    CANON F97-1032-011-DL1
    reference link:


    Thursday, December 18, 2008

    Nikon Coolpix S6 Digital Camera 6.0 megapixel & EN-EL8 battery

    De Nikon S6 digitale camera is modern en attractief. Het fraaie design ging niet ten koste van de nieuwste technologie, de nieuwe Nikon Coolpix S6 onderscheidt zich met een extra hoge audiokwaliteit, automatische beeldverbe-tering, een korte opstarttijd en nieuwe 
    bedieningsorganen voor een makkelijke navigatie en verder vereenvoudigd gebruik. Dit alles, en meer, is verpakt in een body van slechts 140 gram, met op het slankste gedeelte een dikte van slechts 18 mm. 

    Product Specifications
    6.0 Megapixels with 3x Optical Zoom-Nikkor ED Glass Lens
    Large, bright 3.0 inch LCD with 170 degree angle of view
    Built-in WiFi for wireless transfer and printing
    All-Metal with sleek, stylish wave design
    Rotary multi-selector button
    One-Touch portrait button automatically activates In-Camera Red-Eye Fix and Face-Priority AF
    Pictmotion creates in-camera slide shows with music
    Dimensions: 100.5 x 60 x 21mm (W x H x D)
    Weight: 140g (without battery and memory card)

    Supplied with
    Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL8 , COOL-STATION MV-15, Audio Video Cable EG-E5000, AC Adapter EH-64, Strap AN-

    CP14, PictureProject CD-ROM, Dock Insert PV-11.

    The Nikon S6 comes with an EN-EL8 rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows the camera to snap about 200 shots per charge. With this short battery life, the S6 will be spending a lot of time in its CoolStation camera dock. Because of this, users may forget that the S6 is "wireless." The camera comes with lots of wires, including two that make up the power adaptor for the camera dock. In short, the battery life of this Coolpix stinks.

    Replacement Battery Information
    En-el8 replacement battery could be found in UK, US and CA, every one can get one for spare pay a little money

    Chemistry: Li-ion
    Voltage: 3.7V
    Capacity: 730mAh
    Dimension: 41.5 x 35.5 x 5mm