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12 cells HP DV6000 extended laptop battery

HP Pavilion dv6000 (Core Duo T2400 processor 1.83GHz, 1GB RAM) : Notebooks with 14.1-inch screens appears to be gaining popularity, with other entertainment models like Dell Inspiron 640m & Samsung X11 sporting similarly sized displays. In case you receive a feeling of deja vu with the HP Pavilion dv6000, that’s because it is the fraternal twin of the Compaq Presario V3000 battery minus the integrated Webcam & Zen wave design. Like the latter, the HP dv6000 battery offers a full suite of connectivity ports & entertainment features and–with a beginning cost of S$2,399 (US$1,690.11)–doesn’t try to bust your budget while doing so.
Maximize laptop computer battery more for your games, videos, music Taking a look at images & that, without the power adapter in to . Connecting Another 12-cell doubling battery1 Your notebook’s capacity compared with the power You will get a 6-cell battery x 2.

The HP Pavilion DV6000 Battery specs :

* Take over for other types of Batteries: This Clever Lithium-Ion HP Pavilion dv6000 Battery together with your Laptop computer is working to reduce the power consumption to
* Recharge in your laptop using the AC adapter Or whether the laptop is turned off
* Charge up , Even if the battery not fully discharged
* Depend on HP; these specially designed Battery & tested for your HP Laptop Power needs
* Warranty: limited one years
* Compatibility: HP G6000 HP Pavilion dv6000, HP Pavilion dv2000 Battery / DX6000; Compaq Presario V3000, V6000, F500, F700
Customer Review :
ove this thing! The battery lifts the back of the laptop computer, so that air can circulate better than if the computer is lying flat on the table. Battery life, with a chill-pad in to a USB computer port & configure HP recommended settings, so litlle about 4 hours. an improvement over the elderly 6-cell HP Pavilion dv8000 Battery, which took me only about 90 minutes or so. Keep up the nice work, HP! My friends are so jealous ..

I am liking the 12-cell battery. I am liking to make use of it for the DVD on the flight & not worry about continuously supplied with power. I like it feasible for the computer, without using the adapter for millennia on finish. (Beats Make definite that the 1.5 hours if I don't like the DVD on my elderly laptop computer I) the fact that the Pavilion DV5000 Battery sticks down down on my laptop computer. It helps to icy the machine. I have a rule you the machine run 24 / 7 (all my machines, actually) with a run down about three times a week. I also like the fact that sticking the battery from the bottom of my machine has room for my mouse in my laptop computer carrier.
I can now with the mouse in my pocket carrier for other things.
The only thing I think ought to be changed on the battery, is the quality of the sealing tool. The connection feels inadequate & actually unlocked if I included the battery in my grip on the laptop computer.
I require the “Properties” given 5 stars if the battery is already effectively bars. ”

When I originally got the 12-cell HP Pavilion DV6000 Battery for my laptop, I was three times a tiny skeptical, but I found that the size makes it simpler to type on the rise, & the laptop computer is to be able even to what some chilled on fabric / bed surfaces. Overall, the battery life is nice, my original 12 cell that lasts is now about 1.5 years to about 2.5 hours (I drain them every day to 0% then recharge them, sometimes several times a day). I have another of the 12-cell battery packs & I mean, this is a brand new simpler to make use of .. the battery lasts about 6 hours to “max battery” & about 4 hours to “maximum performance”, which is excellent. I also had a 6-cell battery back to the three cells 12 & I DO NOT RECCEMEND who loses 6-cell life quickly, barley, it takes 3 hours brand new to slow-mode & the laptop computer hot, because there is no inclination. “

What you should know when buying a new laptop battery

What you should know when buying a new Dell 6400 laptop battery?

There is an ongoing discussion on forums and other messaging boards on the Internet about buyingDell 6400 laptop replacement batteries vs. original equipment manufacturer or a branded product. For me both has their own pros and cons and knowing which one works best for you can help you decide which one to get. Today, you can buy aftermarket batteries for different electronics equipments and gadgets like cameras, camcorders, cell phones, and more.

Advantage of getting an aftermarket product includes saving money, increased battery life span, better customer service, and product warranty. Aside from that when you follow their advices and other guidelines in using their product you can surely prolong the lifespan of their product. You can find a lot of place to buy an aftermarket laptop batteries and researching for a good shop is advisable. Always make sure that you make background check and check the shop’s reviews on after sales support before you buy anything from any specific store. It is also advisable to look for long-time and well-established companies if you want to shop online. This is to ensure that the company has been there long enough and have history of giving good services to their clients.

Remember to always check the shop’s history or track record when you are buying from a non-OEM battery manufacturer or retailer. Aside from that compare their performance against other companies and see if they offer other kind of freebies. All these tips help you ensure that you are buying from a trustworthy company and will fall as a victim to internet fraud or buying a substandard laptop/ computer batteries.

Another thing that you should check is the power information of the product that the company or shop is offering. You should make sure that it matches your laptop requirements because you do not want to purchase an inferior battery that doesn’t offer the same power charge that your laptop needs. Keep in mind to always check the battery information that the manufacturer advertises like the battery voltage and mAh capacity. While surge protection technology, thermal-cut-off, and short-circuit protection are some of the other extra features that you should also check. These added features can greatly improve your batteries life and performance and making sure that it runs effectively and properly.

ReplacementDell 6400 batteries can either have a memory effect or no memory effect. Older batteries are susceptible to having a “memory effect,” which means that when you charge the battery and didn’t reach the max charging capacity, it will be its new maximum output range. While no memory effect batteries can be charged anytime without the risk of lowering your laptop battery’s lifespan. With new batteries today, you no longer have to worry about “memory effect”.

In conclusion, with proper research you can save a lot of money on computer and laptop batteries when you buy from non-OEM manufacturers. This option is best for those who are on a tight budget but needs the same performance of an original battery from OEM manufacturers. Even for other electronics and gadgets, aftermarket batteries are an excellent substitute to OEM batteries and a lot cheaper too.

How to charge your laptop battery properlly

During the the method of laptop using, they need no to deliberately charge the laptop computer battery to 100% state or fully discharged laptop computer battery to automatic shutdown defending. The right way is that charge the battery in 20% state & cease charging in 98% .
If the laptop has the power calibration procedure, when the battery standard-by time significantly reduced.

Then calibrate the battery in time to active the protection circuit performance.

For early laptop batteries as Dell 6000 Battery (Li-ion), need to fully charge & discharge in order to maintain nice battery capacity. But for the lithium battery is not necessary even it may destroy the battery.

In fact the lithium batteries has a tiny memory effect. The lithium HP DV6000 battery materials is sensitive to the

conditions as temperature, the use of frequency & so on. The battery will be aging after used for some period time (standby

time reduced). The natural wear & tear is an important reason, & inadequate maintenance is another important reason.
A well-designed lithium batteries have an excellent protection circuit to prevent excessive charge & discharge.As over-

charging & discharging of the dell 6400 battery will be the fast reduction activity. Under the protection of protection

circuit, the user fully charge & discharge the battery several times, in fact, impossible to accomplish had “full” level.
Sometimes WINDOWS show that ThinkPad X60 Battery capacity is 20% or more, you can use 30 minutes. But after used 10 minutes

or less the machine suddenly automatically shutdown. The reason is that the battery has been aging, the battery protection

circuit can not monitors the battery actual capacity. In the normal battery depletion, the protection circuit original

parameters have been unable to properly reflect the actual situation of the battery
So power calibration procedure is to correct the benchmark protection circuit parameters to exactly reflect the actual

capacity of the IBM ThinkPad X60 laptop Battery. This correction method will often take three or three complete charge &

discharge. As historicallyin the past mentioned, fully charge & discharge will reduce the battery activity. It is not often

used, usually one time a month.

1. In the process of charging, do not unplug the external power supply.

2. Please do not use non-specialized cells of the machine.

3. If this is the first use of Lenovo notebook computers, or you do not use it a long time (three weeks or longer), be sure

to fully discharge the battery is fully charged again to restore full battery charge.

4. No matter if the battery is installed in the computer, will have the phenomenon of self-discharge (about 1% a day slightly

different according to different models).

5. If the computer does not use a long time (more than 3 weeks), we recommend that you unplug the battery, a separate storage

(storage environment, there are instructions above).

6. As the lithium-ion battery damage will pollute the environment, but also a certain degree of risk. Please do not be thrown

away. When you are ready to handle used batteries, please contact the local authorities to find disposal instructions

7. If you can not remove the battery a long time, but the battery must have power (to prevent battery over-discharge result

in damage to), how much battery time as the length of the storage battery, such as stored in a long time, we must charge the

battery more, short battery inside the power is to prevent long storage resulted in excessive discharge. (Where there is no

specific quantitative targets, business unit that does not limit this power should be a little better). From the laptop

battery is charged for this factory to consider.

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8800mAh HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop battery

Cheap 8800mAh 12Cell HP DV2000 battery

HP DV6000 laptop battery - Replacement for HP Pavilion DV2000 battery, HP Pavilion DV6000 battery series, Compaq Presario A900, Compaq Presario V3000 V6000 Series laptops

Discription of HP DV6000 laptop battery

Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 10.8V
Capacity: 8800mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 206.90 x 58.52 x 42.18 mm
Weight: 610.00 (g)

HP DV6000 batteries Compatible Part Numbers :Compaq 411462-421,COMPAQ 411463-251,Compaq 417066-001,Compaq EV088AA,COMPAQ EV089AA,COMPAQ EX940AA,Compaq EX941AA,COMPAQ HSTNN-DB32,Compaq HSTNN-LB31

HP Pavillion DV 2000 /DV6000 replacement laptop battery
Compatible with Battery Code:
Compaq 411462-421 ,Compaq 411463-251 ,Compaq 417066-001 ,Compaq EV088AA ,Compaq EV089AA ,Compaq EX940AA ,Compaq EX941AA ,Compaq HSTNN-DB32

Some tips for extending the life of your HP DV 6000 battery:

1.Turn your HP Pavilion DV6000 battery off! The first step is also the most simple: Turn your DV6000 laptop off when you’re not using it. Use hibernate or standby when you’ll be leaving the laptop turned on for a period of time.

2.Be stingy with the power. Set the power options to maximum by going to the control panel, clicking “power options” and choosing “max dell laptop battery“. Also try to and dim the screen to the lowest tolerable level.

3.Don’t charge everything. Though they seem small, portable devices like MP3 players can quickly drain HP pavilion DV6000 battery power. Avoid using your HP DV6000 laptop battery to charge these.

4.Use it up and recharge it. Use it until you get the “low battery” warning, then charge it fully. Also, don’t leave a charged DV6000 battery replacement dormant for long periods of time. The DV6000 series battery should be used at least every 2 weeks.

5.Choose your activities. Programs like word processing and email use far less power than playing DVDs or CDs and gaming. Avoid running non-essential programs while on battery power.

6.Resist the urge to multi-task. The more programs you have up and running, the more power the laptop will use. Close all the programs you’re not currently using.

7.Avoid extreme temperatures. HP DV6000 Laptop Replacement batteries are designed to function properly within a few degrees of room temperature. Avoid using or charging your laptop in hot or cold conditions. Likewise, try to keep the internal temperature down by keeping the fan free and clear for proper ventilation.

8.Add more RAM. Your hard drive will contribute to draining your dell inspiron XPSM 1210 battery. If you have insufficient RAM, the machine will be constantly writing information to the hard drive. Add more RAM to minimize hard drive access and power usage.

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Top 6 Popular Baby Monitor

Do you have a child that you need to monitor at home? Then you need a baby monitor with camera. Baby monitor is an advanced child monitoring system that lets you see and hear what is happening on the wireless handheld monitor. Nighttime LED lights on the baby monitor camera make the baby fully visible in a darkened room. Furthermore, the wireless monitor system has the CE, FCC and ROHS certification. All of these fantastic features combined are what make this Wireless Baby Monitor System so effective for any home nursery.

1, 2.4GHz Wireless Video Baby Security Monitor Camera

2.4GHz Wireless Baby Monitor Specifications:
Monitor Specification
1.5" TFT LCD Monitor support max 3 Cameras
Monitor can be connected to TV by AV cable
Built-in Speaker on Monitor
Display inch:1.5" TFT LCD
Display color:full color
The voice control:can tune
Power:DC5V or 3.6V Li battery
Battery last time:1-2hours
Receiver Sensitivity :-84DBM
Camera Specification
Camera can be working at night with 6 IR LED
Built-in Microphone on Camera
DC 6V or Battery
Transmits up to 100 meters on open line and 30 meters with one block, Night vision:5m
CE,FCC and ROHs Marked.
Imaging Sensor : 1/3 Inch CMOS; Total Pixels : 628 x 582 (PAL) / 510 x 492 (NTSC)
View Angle : Built-in 6 IR LED, 62 Degree; ~ Minimum Illumination: 1.5Lux / F1.5
A/V mod/method:FM
Antenna: Build in Omni-directional antenna

2, 2.4G 2.5" Inch Baby Monitor With Four Cameras

2.5" TFT-LCD 4 cameras Baby Monitor is an extra set of ears—and in some cases, eyes--that allow you to keep tabs on your sleeping baby. The baby monitor receiver has 4 channel selections that can support 4 different cameras at the same time. Transmission range of the digital baby monitor can be Up to 100 meters on open line. With built-in infrared night vision, the baby monitor allows for low light viewing up to 7m from the camera. An affordable video baby monitor allows you to see and hear your baby day and night from now on!

4 Camera Baby Monitor Specifications:
2.5" TFT LCD Monitor support max 4 Cameras
Imaging Sensor : 1/3 Inch CMOS; ~ Total Pixels : 628 x 582 (PAL) / 510 x 492 (NTSC)
Camera can be working at night with IR LED
DC 5V or Rechargeable Li-Battery on Monitor; DC 11V on Camera.
Transmits up to 100 meters on open line and 30 meters with one block.
Frequency: ISM 2, 400 - 2, 483MHz, 4 Channels Selectable
Product Size ( LxWxH ): (Camera)45.5*45.5*106mm
Outdoor Range: 100M;
Night vision range: 7m

3, 2.5" Baby Monitor With Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

This 2.5" budget-friendly baby monitor is a great way to keep a watchful eye over your baby. With Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera, the 2.5 inches LCD-TFT palm receiver will show crisp and clear images. Amazingly, the camera that controlled by the remote can turn around 270 degree. Furthermore there are 3 channels available to avoid possible interference. With auto 8 Infra-Red LED night vision you are able to see your baby at night as well as during the day. All of these features combined are what make this 2.5" Wireless Baby Monitor System so effective for any home nursery.

PTZ Baby Monitor Specifications:
Monitor Specification
2.5 inches LCD-TFT with 480 X 234 resolutions in palm receiver
Monitor the exactly situation via remote wireless camera and portable palm LCD-TFT receiver
Camera Specification
Pan & Tilt Scan Camera remote controlled by receiver
Night Vision (Effective Range: 5 M)
3 channels available to avoid possible interference
Built-in Microphone in camera and speaker in receiver for audio monitoring
Up to 100m (330ft) transmission range in open space
Camera can turn around 270 degree, control by remote.
High speed PAN / TILT operation
with 8 IR LED, Can work at night

4, 2.4G 2.5" Inch Baby Monitor + Night Vision Range 7M

2.4GHz 2.5 Inch Baby Monitor lets you hear and watch what’s happening in your baby’s room.
The small, lightweight receiver has a 2.5 inch LTPS-TFT LCD screen with 4 channel selections that can support 4 different cameras in the meantime. The night vision allows for low light viewing up to 7M from the camera. The
camera baby monitor can be battery operated for truly portable, wireless operation. The monitor system can make sure that security and peace of mind are easy within sight

Night Vision Baby Monitor Specifications:
2.5" TFT LCD Monitor support max 4 Cameras
Frequency: ISM 2,400 - 2,483MHz, 4 Channels Selectable;
Imaging Sensor : 1/3 Inch CMOS; ~ Total Pixels: 628 x 582 (PAL) / 510 x 492 (NTSC)
Night vision range: 7m;
Camera can be working at night with IR LED
DC 5V or Rechargeable Li-Battery on Monitor; DC 11V on Camera.
Transmits up to 100 meters on open line and 30 meters with one block.
Camera Specification
Imaging Sensor: 1/3 inch OMNIVISION Color CMOS
Horizontal Resolution: 380TV Line
CMOS Total Pixels: 628 x 582 (PAL) / 510 x 492 (NTSC)
View Angles: 62 degrees
Minimum Illumination: 0Lux / F2.0 (Auto-ON at night)
Gain Control: Automatic
Transmission Power: 10mW
Consumption Current: 80 mAh
Modulation Mode: FM
Bandwidth: 18MHz
Operating Range: 30m/100m (Obstructed / Unobstructed)
Power: DC 9V or 9V Battery
Operating Humidity: 85%RH
Dimensions (WxLxH): 36x28x36 mm
Receiver Specification
Channel: 1-4 (Flip-type switch)
Intermediate Frequency: 480MHz
Frequency Stabilization: +/- 100KHz
Display :2.5" LTPS-TFT LCD
Demodulation Mode: FM
Receiving Sensitivity: below -85dBm
Video Output: 1Vp-p@75 ohm, S/N>38dB
Audio Output: 1Vp-p@600 ohm
Power: DC 6V or 4X AAA Battery
Operating Humidity: 85%RH
Dimensions (WxLxH): 50x75x25 mm

5, 2.4Ghz 2.5 Inch Display Wireless Baby Monitor

2.4Ghz Wireless Frequency + 2.5 Inch TFT display + Audio and Video + Four Channel selected Receiver + Li-battery built in + Four channel selected = night vision wireless camera(7m)
baby monitor

2.4Ghz 2.5 Inch Wireless Baby Monitor Specifications:
Monitor Receiver:
Display : 2.5 Inch
Channel : Four Channel
System : PAL/NTSC
Color : White & Green
Validity Pixel : PAL:628x582 / NTSC:510x492
Video Format : AVI
Music Format : MP3
Languages : Multi-language
Angular Field of View : 45�
Scanning Frequency(H) : 15.625KHz(P),15.734KHz(N)
Scanning Frequency(V) : 50Hz(P),60Hz(N)
Dimension : 94x67x16x39mm
Power Supply : AC adapter,Built in rechargable Li-battery
Weight : 0.182kg
Image Sensor : 1/3 color CMOS
Transmission Power : 10mw
Transmit Distance : 100m(without block)
Horizontal Resolution : 380 TV Lines
IR Lamp : 8 Lamps
Night Vision Distance : 7M
Minimum Illumination : 1.0Lux(F1.2)
Power Adapter : AC adapter
What's in the box : Baby Monitor Kit,AC Adapter,User Manual

6, 2.4G 2.5" Baby Monitor With Pug Dog Kit

You will appreciate a 2.5 inch TFT LCD baby monitor with both sound and vision as you can see your baby's cries. The 2.4GHz 2.5" Baby Monitor has a pug dog sensor, which is designed to alert you to any unusual movement around your baby′s crib. Children will love the adorable pug dog, and parents will rest easier knowing that they are keeping an eye and ear out on their child. The camera also has a built-in microphone which allows you to hear everything that is happening in your monitoring location. All of the incredible features included with this 2.5" dog baby monitor mean that it is one of the most popular safeguard gadgets on the market today.

Dog Baby Monitor Specifications:
Monitor Specifications
Frequency: ISM 2,400 to 2,483MHz
Display: 2.5-inch TFT LCD
Channels: 4 selectable channels
Effective pixels: 640 x 240 pixels
Receiving sensitivity: ≤-85dBm
Video system: NTSC/PAL
Battery charge time: 2 to 3 hours
Battery working time: 2 hours
Power supply: 5V DC
Dimensions: 75 x 35 x 130mm
Camera Specification
Frequency: ISM 2,400 to 2,483MHz
Imaging sensor type: color CMOS
Picture total pixels:PAL: 628 x 582 pixels,NTSC: 510 x 492 pixels
Visual angle: 62 degrees
Lens: F6.0mm, F1.8
Minimum illumination: 1.5 lux/F1.5
Gain control: automatic
Modulation mode: FM
Transmission power: 10mW/CE, 2mW/FCC
Antenna: built-in omnidirectional antenna
Power supply: 8V DC

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Digital Photo Frame Questions

One thing I would love to see in Jalbum is the ability to help me manage the images on my digital photo frame. I realize these frames are unique, but they all seem to have some of the same issues and I hoped you'd agree and would be able to overcome those issues.

Issues I see in all frames:

If I use the frame in a landscape position, a lot of room is wasted when it displays a portrait image
Images are displayed in order by name, not in the order I want them displayed
Images must be manually resized to fill the whole frame

Features I'd like to see to help with the issues:

Ask how my frame is oriented...then let me select pictures to group for display as one image in the frame. By this I mean that, if I indicate my frame is positioned in landscape orientation, Jalbum would take two portrait images (of my choosing) and build a single (side by side) image so that two images take up the majority of the screen. The same would be true for frames in portrait orientation, except two landscape images are used (one over the other) for proper display.
Images are renamed to allow the photo frame to display them in the sort order used in the application. (Some frames support folders some do not...a further option could be to allow renaming images within a folder or renaming all images.)
Ask the pixel dimensions of the photo frame and then resize and crop images to the appropriate dimensions. There would need to be some additional interaction I guess, but I hate how the images look when they are stretched/shrunk on the photo frame.

What I want to do is display all the images from my web site on my photo frame, but it has been so time consuming. In my folders I have images with the same names (slides and thumbnails), I have my trip to Florida displaying along with my pictures from Halloween. My portrait images make the frame look like an expensive waste of real-estate...etc. I thought you guys were the best bet for a solution.

More info please access this forum:

Anyone knows the answer please leave a message, thanks!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Powerhouse USB DVR with 4 Channels Video Input

Simple Digital Video Recorders can be hard to come by but you know you're getting the best available when you order this powerhouse of a USB DVR. With great capture in MPEG4 of up to 4 video inputs and 2 audio inputs you'll never miss any of the action. DIY DVR recording has become very popular in this day.

4 channels video input in one card, the maximum display/recording rate is 25 fps under PAL format, and 30 fps under NTSC format.
4 screen display modes are available.
Multi alarm triggering method: sensor, motion, video loss, and HDD space shortage.
Support schedule recording mode, recycling recording method available.
MPEG4 video compression format. 5 level recording quality options available, and the recording frame rate range from 1 to 30 fps adjustable for each channel.
Support multi-channel playback, searching by time/date and recording events, images can be zoom/capture/save/print/backup.
Support remote surveillance and PTZ control through web browser, support dynamic domain name
Remote playback function.
Configurable auto reboot function for preventing PC deadlock.
Auto mail