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Powerhouse USB DVR with 4 Channels Video Input

Simple Digital Video Recorders can be hard to come by but you know you're getting the best available when you order this powerhouse of a USB DVR. With great capture in MPEG4 of up to 4 video inputs and 2 audio inputs you'll never miss any of the action. DIY DVR recording has become very popular in this day.

4 channels video input in one card, the maximum display/recording rate is 25 fps under PAL format, and 30 fps under NTSC format.
4 screen display modes are available.
Multi alarm triggering method: sensor, motion, video loss, and HDD space shortage.
Support schedule recording mode, recycling recording method available.
MPEG4 video compression format. 5 level recording quality options available, and the recording frame rate range from 1 to 30 fps adjustable for each channel.
Support multi-channel playback, searching by time/date and recording events, images can be zoom/capture/save/print/backup.
Support remote surveillance and PTZ control through web browser, support dynamic domain name
Remote playback function.
Configurable auto reboot function for preventing PC deadlock.
Auto mail


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Monitor Introduction

1.8" Wireless Baby Monitor

Baby monitor is an amazing product for all parents or nannies to monitor their babies. The camera and receiver use 2.4 GHz for signal transmission. The built-in infrared night vision will allow you to care your babies in dark.

  • The built-in infrared night vision will allow you to care your babies in dark.
  • AV output functions: monitoring module can connect with TV or VCR through AV output
  • Sound control function: The monitoring module automatic starting when the voice signal from the record components reach the expected value, and after 50-60 seconds when the voice signal low than expected value the monitoring module shut automatically
  • Anti interference design: the receiver can sensitive to receive the signal from transmitter, reduce other electronic equipment or baby monitor interference.

  • A/V mod/method:FM
  • Antenna: Build in omni-directional antenna
  • Display inch: 1.8" TFT LCD
  • Display color: full color
  • The voice control: can tune
  • Power: DC5V or 3.6V Li battery
  • Battery last time: 1-2hours
  • Receiver Sensitivity:-83DBM
  • Channel:four channel(CH1:2414MHZ、CH2:2432MHZ、CH3:2450MHZ、CH4:2468MHZ)
  • A/V mod method:FM
  • Antenna:Build in omni-directional antenna
  • Image sensor:1/3COMS
  • Effective pixels:NTSC(510(H)*492(V)/PAL(628(H)*582(V)
  • Lens:F6.0MM,F1.8
  • Night vision distance:3-5m
  • Power:DC 6V DV,500mA or 4 AAA-size batteries
  • Operating temperature:0℃-40℃/32°F-104°F
Package Details:
  • One camera
  • One 1.8" Lcd monitor
  • Two power adapter(5V/801mA DC)
  • One A/V cable
  • One user's manual
Buy this 1.8" baby monitor

More Baby Monitors

1.8" Red Wireless Baby Monitor
monitor is an amazing product for all parents or nannies to monitor their babies. The camera and receiver use 2.4 GHz for signal transmission.

1.5" Red Wireless Baby Monitor(Flower)
1.5" Red Baby Monitor wireless camera's eye pleasing flower look, is a pleasant addition to your baby's room.

2.4G 2.5" Baby Monitor Having 8 Infra-Red LED On The Camera For Nightvision
2.4GHz Wireless Palm Baby Monitor 2.4GHz 2.5″ LCD Palm Size2.4G 2.5" Baby Monitor Having 8 Infra-Red Led On The Camera For Nightvision wireless camer...

2.4G Wireless Baby Monitor With 1.8" Inch Display
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4 Channel Baby Monitors 2.4G With 2.5" Inch Four Cameras
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More baby monitor please access this page.

More About Baby Monitor

There are dozens of styles of baby monitors available for purchase at baby products stores. When you're buying a baby monitor, you should look for one that fits your lifestyle and the home in which it will be used. The following suggestions will help you find the perfect baby monitor so that you can keep a closer eye on your baby for safety and peace of mind.

Baby Monitor Range
If you only want to monitor your baby from a few rooms away, or in a small house, almost any baby monitor will do. If you have a large or multi-story home, or you'd like to be able to take the receiver outside to a large yard or detached garage, look for a baby monitor with a longer range, so you can be sure you'll hear baby from far away.

If you have close neighbors with children, keep in mind that other families may have baby monitors that use the same channels, meaning that you may hear what happens in other homes, and they may hear you. Cordless phones may also pick up baby monitor sounds. If interference is a concern for you, look for a baby monitor that has added security features or no-interference technology.
All types of baby monitor, like baby sound monitor, video baby monitor, toy baby monitor, wireless baby monitor, multi-camera baby monitor, multi-channel baby moniotr.

Monitoring Sounds, Sights and More
Basic baby monitors let you hear what's happening in baby's room. Modern baby monitors also let you watch baby on video, and even to monitor baby's breathing and movement. Video monitors are helpful, but you won't want to watch the screen constantly, so be sure the monitor also has good sound. Movement sensors add peace of mind, but the AAP warns that parents may gain a false sense of security from movement monitors. Checking your baby personally is still the safest option.

Multi-Room Monitoring
Most baby monitors have one transmitter for the nursery and one or two receivers that let parents listen to baby. If you want transmitters in more than one room, or for more than one child, there are fewer choices. Some parents buy two or more baby monitor systems to monitor different children, but with this option you must choose systems that don't interfere, or you'll only hear annoying electronics screeches. A few baby monitors today have multi-room monitoring options, though.

Baby Monitor Portability
The majority of baby monitor receivers today have at least a belt clip that allows parents to carry the receiver with them around the house. If you want to move the receiver around a lot, check the belt clip or attachment method to be sure it's sturdy enough to withstand daily use. Also check the power source and battery life. Will you need to plug it in constantly? Some new baby monitors have ultra-small receivers on a lanyard or belt-clip for great portability, too.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2G/4G/8G Spy Pen Camera Recorder Introduction

Spy Pen Recorder, Spy Camera Pen 8G/4G/2G, Spy Pen Camera

Can be used as: Pen, 4 GB Pen USB drive, Pin-hole Camera, Voice recorder, Color video recorder. Our 2G/4G/8G spy camera pen is the smallest fully functioning digital video recorder (DVR) in the world. This spy pen recorder have easy to use "One Touch" record button. Real time record any video and audio evidence instantaneously with a 8G spy pen camcorder is convenient. 4 in 1 ultra compact design for special usage. Spy camera pen 4gb is popular among the people in the areas as business, education, safety, mass media, tourism, medical, even ordinary life, and etc.

Some About Spy Camera Pen Recorder
There are many spy camera pens on the market – some color, some black and white and some audio. Certain cameras do all the above, others just take pictures or record sound. All of our 2g/4g/8g spy pen camcorders sold there are multi-function type.
Use one at home to keep tabs on your private belongings, or on vacation – see what the hotel staff are up to in your room.

Even sneak one in to a trade show – get secret pictures of new technology.

Video Spy Pen - You can slip it in to your pocket, then click the button for instant color pictures and audio recording. The picture quality is high, the audio is clear enough.

You can easily attach the receiver to a TV or VCR to record your surveillance footage.

The only issue is you need the receiver (you get this included) to be within 100 meters and in line of sight of the spy pen – this does limit your uses for using a video spy pen so unless highly important a combination of the still camera pen and the audio pen offer great mobility and detailed surveillance possibilities.

Digital Image Spy Pen - The pen is totally self sufficient and can be carried anywhere - perfect for on the move surveillance.

This digital camera spy pen looks totally normal and writes totally normal as well. No one will know that you're taking their picture. The 36 pictures it stores in its 2MB memory are good enough in quality for recording documents, files or regular images. The focus and exposure is all auto, and the battery life seems very long (they say 500 pictures but it seems more).

Audio Spy Pen Camera - The audio spy pen camera is another one suited for "on the move" surveillance (it’s worth considering to take both; a still image and an audio spy pen to cover all eventualities.

My favorite audio spy pen is digital, has 128 MB of memory, can record up to 8 hours of audio - it can be carried and used anywhere. You can disguise it as a key-ring with the parts included and it is internally rechargeable – no batteries to replace.

Monday, May 4, 2009

IBM THINKPAD A30 Laptop Battery Cheap Sold

Type Li-ion
Capacity 4000mAh
Voltage 11.1V (Compatible with 10.8V)
Dimension 216.25x40.08x25.00mm
Net weight 300.00(g)


IBM THINKPAD A30 Battery Compatible Code
IBM 02K6793 IBM 02K6794 IBM 02K6795 IBM 02K6796 IBM 02K6797 IBM 02K6798 IBM 02K6878 IBM 02K6897 IBM 02K6898 IBM 02K6899 IBM 02K7021 IBM 02K7022 IBM FRU 02K6793 IBM IB-A30L IBM THINKPAD A30 Battery Fit Laptop Models

ACER Aspire 9100 Battery Replacement For Sale

ACER Aspire 9100 Series rechargeable battery for laptop or notebook made from high quality laptop battery cells, though this ACER Aspire 9100 battery is not a original one, it passed the CE, UL, and ISO9001/9002 certifications, with full one year warranty and one month money back commitment, you can rest assured to purchase. You should notice that we provided a laptop adapter or charger for some notebook batteries, buy them together with the battery pack will save more money

Type Li-ion
Capacity 4400mAh
Voltage 14.8V
Dimension 135.80 x 89.35 x 19.20 mm
Net weight 515.96(g)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

TOSHIBA PORTEGE M300 8800mAh Battery

Mobile Intel® Pentium® M 733-1.1GHz processor, 400MHz PSB
L1 Cache 32KB/32KB (instruction/data), L2 Cache 2MB
Standard Memory: 256+256MB DDR expandable upto 1280MB
60.0 billion bytes (5,400 rpm) with HDD Protection System, 9.5mm height, Enhanced IDE 2.5” (ATA-6),
Built-in Ultra-Slim Combo Drive (CDRW/DVD)
Maximum speed: CD-R(24x)/CD-RW(24x)/DVD-ROM (8x)/ CD-ROM(24x), ATAPI interface.
Type: TFT Active Matrix colour LCD display with Shock
Absorber Protection
Size (diagonal): 12.1”TFT
LCD Panel Resolution: 1024x768x16.7 million colours
External Support and Maximum Colour Support:
1,600x1,200x65,536 colours
Simult. Display Support: 1024x768x16.7 million colours
Intel Integrated Graphic Memory Controller
Video Memory: 16-64MB DDR memory (Dynamic Video Memory Allocation)
64-bit Graphics Accelerator, 2D and 3D Graphics
Software Sound 16bit stereo Built-in stereo speakers, Direct 3D sound, full duplex support,
Sound volume control dial, external MIC (monaural), stereo headphone port.
ModemV.92 Data/56K Fax Modem, Ring wake up resume.
10/100 Integrated Ethernet LAN, network boot.
Built-in Wireless LAN (802.11b/g)
Built-in Bluetooth Antenna
1 memory slot (one filled with 256MB, can be replaced by 256MB, 512MB or 1 GB)
Battery Type: Removable, Rechargeable 6-cell Lithium Ion (Li-ion) 4700mAh
Battery Life: upto 6hours
Recharge Time: 4.0 hours off/ 5-12 hours on

Toshiba PORTEGE M300 have a very impressive battery life that can last for an entire day, giving me ample time to work on my things without any hassle.

Even there is replacement to Toshiba PORTEGE M300 battery on-line.
8800mAh Only $75

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X60 Tablet

Lenovo's ThinkPad X60 is an ultra-light Tablet PC with a heavyweight punch. The X60 takes advantage of and positively upholds the excellent reputation of the IBM ThinkPad line of laptops. ThinkPads are slightly utilitarian in design, but this is part of their universal appeal. Even as an ultra-portable, the X60 may have enough sinewy power to give bulkier, high-spec laptops a tough run for the money.

Features and Design

The Lenovo X60 tablet PC, aka ThinkPad X60 Tablet, is billed as an ultra-portable 12" laptop that crams a lot of features into a relatively small package. The X60 is absolutely lightweight and travel-friendly at a reported 3.8lbs. Of course, this weight is sans-battery. When I placed the X60 on my digital scale, the weight was slightly higher than expected at 3.94lbs. With the 8-cell Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X60 Tablet battery attached (4-cell battery available as well) the weight of the X60 increased to 4.94lbs. This is still lighter than most competitive laptops.

Lenovo offers an optional expansion dock for the X60. This dock gives X60 users access to a 24/16/8/4/2.4X CD-RW/DVD drive, 4 USB 2.0 ports, VGA video out, an archaic serial port, parallel port, audio in/out, a secondary power adapter port, a fax/modem and a 10/100 LAN port. The expansion dock is ideal for execs and managers who have external monitors, keyboards and mice permanently set up at one or more work spaces. Moving the X60 between mobile/compact mode and docked/desktop mode is as easy as a single click in XP and releasing the undock lever on the expansion dock.

Without the "ThinkPad X6 Tablet UltraBase" expansion dock, the X60 is slightly less functional. It does not have an optical drive built-in, which means no CD or DVD drive. To use CDs or DVD on the go, one must have copied disk images to the hard drive with an included utility, or one must use an external USB CD/DVD drive. There are three USB 2.0 ports, a single 4-pin FireWire port, built-in SD/MMC card slot, dial-up modem port, infrared port, embedded WWAN, VGA video out, audio input and output jacks, and a much-appreciated PC Card slot for flash card readers, USB expansion ports, etc. Essentially, any expansion needs could be managed by way of PC cards or USB devices.

The 12" TFT screen is clean and bright. Surprisingly, the X60 doesn't take advantage of the highly popular widescreen format. It's odd using a near-square portable after being on wide-screens for several years. Additionally, the matte screen is limited to a 1024x768 resolution. The X60 doesn't have a dedicated graphics card - rather, it uses upwards of 128MB of system memory for video. Sadly, the X60 doesn't offer any DVI video out, even with the expansion dock. Finally, unlike many new laptops on the market, the X60 does not have an integrated webcam.

The keyboard measures just over 10" wide, which forces keys to be slightly smaller than on standard laptops, but near equal to that of other ultra-portables. The X60 however, superimposes a great number of Fn options on keys which makes it look a little hectic. Once the visual noise settles down, keyboard use is intuitive and fluid.

The internal hard drive (60GB to 120GB) is a 5400rpm SATA drive. If you want a 7200rpm drive for extra speed, Lenovo offers a 100GB SATA drive for an extra cost.

Like most IBM/Lenovo laptops, the X60 has a red mouse pointer nub smack in the middle of the keyboard instead of a trackpad below the keyboard. I'm sure there are thousands of people who prefer the nub. It's easy to get used to, but this techie thinks it's a misplaced oddity.

The X60 has a built-in biometric security device - a small fingerprint scanner located at the bottom right corner of the LCD screen. The scanner is about the size of a piece of macaroni, or the tip of a 6-pin USB plug. When the biometric security is enabled, it can be used for XP login, program/file/website access. This is an essential security feature where corporate competition and identity theft force people to be more protective of their data.

As for design, the X60 is pretty utilitarian. In a world of pretty MacBooks, Sony Vaios and Toshibas, the X60 looks Borg. It's a no frills, no pizzazz workhorse - albeit a tough, high powered, skilled workhorse that can run circles around competitive systems.

Amazing 4GB RAM Capacity

One of the most impressive and desirable aspects of the X60 is the fact that RAM can be upgraded as high as 4GB. That's right - 4 whole gigabytes of lightning fast PC2-5300 667MHz RAM. It's enough to make a geek break into a giddy sweat. Major kudos to Intel and Lenovo for such an awesome endowment.

Article From:http://reviews.digitaltrends.com/review/4388-3/lenovo-thinkpad-x60-tablet-review-full-review

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HP DV9500 Laptop

Dv9500t offers a number pad to the right thanks to the increased real estate that comes with a 17" screen notebook. Following are the basic specs of the dv9500t:

Processor: Intel Centrino Duo (Core 2 Duo)
Screen: 17.0" WXGA+ BrightView Widescreen (1440x900) OR 17.0" WSXGA+ BrightView Widescreen (1680x1050)
Memory: Up to 2GB Ram
OS: Windows Vista
Graphics: Intel X3100, NVIDIA 8400M or NVIDIA 8600M
Optical Drive: 24X DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive OR, Super Multi 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support (s) OR, LightScribe Super Multi 8X DVD±R/RW with double layer support, HD-DVD drive
Wireless: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection OR, Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection & Bluetooth TM, Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Network Connection & Bluetooth TM
Ports: 4 Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0, 2 Headphone out, 1 microphone-in, 1 VGA (15-pin), 1 TV-Out (S-video), 1 RJ-11 (modem), 1 RJ -45 (LAN), 1 notebook expansion port 3, 1 IEEE 1394 Firewire (4-pin), 1 Consumer IR
Optional built-in web camera
"Trace" Imprint finish
Weight: 7.7 lbs
Dimensions: 15.16 (L) x 11.65" (W) x 1.57" (H) (approx.)

See HP pavilion dv9500 battery in the www.usa-batteries.com

HP Pavilion dv9500 battery for laptop or notebook made from high quality laptop battery cells, though this HP Pavilion dv9500 Series battery is not a original one, it passed the CE, UL, and ISO9001/9002 certifications, with full one year warranty and one month money back commitment, you can rest assured to purchase. You should notice that we provided a laptop adapter or charger for some notebook batteries, buy them together with the battery pack will save more money


Dell’s XPS M1330 is the cheapest luxury laptop on test by quite a distance. At $1499 for our test configuration, it’s almost $500 less than the Toshiba Satellite P300, and yet it still feels more luxurious than many of the other laptops in this group.

Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 2.5GHz, 6MB Cache, 800 MHz FSB (Penryn)
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit (Product Red)
13.3" UltraSharp Widescreen WXGA (1280x800) Display with TrueLife and VGA (0.3MP) webcam
4GB ( 2 X 2048MB ) 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM
320GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
Internal slot load 8X DVD+/-RW Combination Drive with dual layer write capabilities
NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS with 128MB GDDR3 dedicated graphic memory
Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced HD Audio Software
Intel 4965AGN Wireless-N Mini-Card
Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module
6-cell 56Whr Lithium Ion Primary Battery
65W Light-Weight Power Adapter
ExpressCard Slot
8-in-1 media card reader
Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet

Dell XPS M1330 Battery
Capacity 49WH
Voltage 11.1V
Dimension 206.2*51.3*26.4mm
Net weight 350g

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8800mAh COMPAQ Presario V3000T Battery Only $79.43

COMPAQ Presario V3000T battery for laptop or notebook made from high quality laptop battery cells, though this COMPAQ Presario V3000T battery is not a original one, it passed the CE, UL, and ISO9001/9002 certifications, with full one year warranty and one month money back commitment, you can rest assured to purchase.

COMPAQ Presario V3000T battery
Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 8800mAh
Voltage: 10.8V
Dimension: 206.90*58.52*42.18mm
Net weight: 0.61kg

Only $79.43 Now

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3.5/4.3 Inch GPS Navigation

3.5 Inch GPS Navigation

GPS navigation with 3.5" or 4.3" TFT true Color LCD touch screen sold in low price, our GPS receiver support fingertip touchscreen. The 4.3 Inch GPS has a SiRF ATLAS III inside, run with 396MHz SiRF AT642D-X-AC CPU. 3.5 inch GPS has a specifications of Free 2GB SD Card preloaded maps, 396MHZ AT642D-X-AC chip, 64M SDRAM, 3.5" TFT true color LCD touch screen and 2D or 3D map.

AT642D-X-AC 396MHZ
Fingertip Touchscreen
3.5" TFT True Color LCD Touch Screen
Choose 2D or 3D Map

Free 2GB SD Card preloaded maps
Chip:AT642D-X-AC 396MHZ
Fingertip Touchscreen:Yes
Display: 3.5" TFT True Color LCD Touch Screen
Choose 2D or 3D Map: Yes
Antenna: Built-in patch
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 9.5cmx 9cmx2.5cm
Card slot: MMC/SD card (Product with 1GB free SD card) Max up to 2GB
Video Formats: AVI ASF WMV
Audio Formats: WMA9 WAV MP3
Picture Browse:JPG GIF BMP PNG
E-book: Read txt
Cold acquisition time: Approximate 45 seconds
AutoLocate: Approximately 2 minutes
Update rate: Once per second, continuous
GPS accuracy: Position - Less than 10 meters (33 feet), 95% typical velocity - 0.1 meters per second steady state
Routes: Automatically calculated
Voice navigation: Yes
Vehicle power cable: Input 12V Output 5V/1.5A
Languages of the Device Menu:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Mungarian, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Russian


4.3 Inch GPS Navigation

Fingertip Touchscreen
4.3" TFT True Color LCD Touch Screen

GPS module: SiRF ATLAS III Inside
Fingertip Touchscreen:Yes
Display: 4.3" TFT True Color LCD Touch Screen
Choose 2D or 3D Map: Yes
Antenna: Built-in patch
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 12.8cmx 9cmx2.5cm
Card slot: MMC/SD card
Video Formats: WMV, AVI, ASF
Audio Formats: WMA, MP3, WAV
Picture Browse:JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG
E-book: Read txt
Cold acquisition time: Approximate 45 seconds
AutoLocate: Approximately 2 minutes
Update rate: Once per second, continuous
GPS accuracy: Position - Less than 10 meters (33 feet), 95% typical velocity - 0.1 meters per second steady state
Routes: Automatically calculated
Voice navigation: Yes
Vehicle power cable: Input 12V Output 5V/1.5A
Languages of the Device Menu:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Mungarian, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Russian
FM transimitter Play music on the SD card over your car radio system


TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A100 Laptop Battery Replacement

TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A100 rechargeable battery for laptop or notebook made from high quality laptop battery cells, though this TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A100 battery is not a original one, it passed the CE, UL, and ISO9001/9002 certifications, with full one year warranty and one month money back commitment, you can rest assured to purchase.

Type Li-ion
Capacity 4400 mAh
Voltage 10.80V
Dimension 206.60 x 91.40 x 26.40 mm

Fit Batterys:
TOSHIBA PA3399U-1BAS TOSHIBA PA3399U-1BRS Toshiba PA3399U-2BAS Toshiba PA3399U-2BRS Toshiba PA3400U-1BAS Toshiba PA3400U-1BRL Toshiba PA3400U-1BRS Toshiba PA3478U-1BAS Toshiba PA3478U-1BRS Toshiba PABAS077

Fit Models:
Toshiba A100 Series Toshiba A100-151 Toshiba A100-165 Toshiba A100-181 Toshiba A100-188 Toshiba A100-212 Toshiba A100-241 Toshiba A100-274 Toshiba A100-290 Toshiba A100-551 Toshiba A100-590 Toshiba A100-662 Toshiba A100-ST8211 Toshiba A105 Series Toshiba A105-S4001 Toshiba A105-S4004 Toshiba A105-S4012 Toshiba A80 Series Toshiba A80-116 Toshiba A80-117 Toshiba A80-121 Toshiba A80-122 Toshiba A80-129 Toshiba A80-140 Toshiba A80-142 Toshiba A80-144 Toshiba A80-154 Toshiba A80-168 Toshiba A80-169 Toshiba M100 Series Toshiba M100-ST5111 Toshiba M100-ST5211 Toshiba M105 Series Toshiba M105-S3001 Toshiba M105-S3002 Toshiba M105-S3004 Toshiba M105-S3011 Toshiba M105-S3012 Toshiba M105-S3021 Toshiba M105-S3064 Toshiba M40 Series Toshiba M40-102 Toshiba M40-103 Toshiba M40-129 Toshiba M40-135 Toshiba M40-136 Toshiba M40-140 Toshiba M40-149 Toshiba M40-152 Toshiba M40-154 Toshiba M40-183 Toshiba M40-192 Toshiba M40-197 Toshiba M40-221 Toshiba M40-225 Toshiba M40-236 Toshiba M40-241 Toshiba M40-243 Toshiba M40-244 Toshiba M40-245 Toshiba M40-264 Toshiba M40-265 Toshiba M40-276 Toshiba M40-300 Toshiba M40-307 Toshiba M40-313 Toshiba M40-S331 Toshiba M40-S351 Toshiba M40-S3511 Toshiba M40-S4111TD Toshiba M40-S4172TD Toshiba M40-S417TD Toshiba M45 Series Toshiba M45-S269 Toshiba M45-S2691 Toshiba M45-S359 Toshiba M45-S3591 Toshiba M50 Series Toshiba M50-04N01N Toshiba M50-0TG01D Toshiba M50-0TJ01E Toshiba M50-0YU01N Toshiba M50-105 Toshiba M50-109 Toshiba M50-122 Toshiba M50-130 Toshiba M50-138 Toshiba M50-141 Toshiba M50-142 Toshiba M50-143 Toshiba M50-156 Toshiba M50-157 Toshiba M50-159 Toshiba M50-161 Toshiba M50-180 Toshiba M50-181 Toshiba M50-182 Toshiba M50-198 Toshiba M50-215 Toshiba M50-226 Toshiba M50-231 Toshiba M50-S4182TD Toshiba M50-S418TD Toshiba M50-S5181TD Toshiba M50-S5181TQ Toshiba M55 Series Toshiba M55-S325 Toshiba M55-S3251 Toshiba M55-S329 Toshiba M55-S3291 Toshiba M55-S331 Toshiba M55-S3311 Toshiba Qosmio F30 Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-532 Toshiba Satellite Pro M50 Toshiba Satellite Pro Series TOSHIBA Tecra A3 Series Toshiba Tecra A3-100 Toshiba Tecra A3-103 Toshiba Tecra A3-106 Toshiba Tecra A3-114 Toshiba Tecra A3-141 Toshiba Tecra A3-143 Toshiba Tecra A3-180 Toshiba Tecra A3-181 Toshiba Tecra A3-188 Toshiba Tecra A3-SP611 TOSHIBA Tecra A4 Series Toshiba Tecra A4-108 Toshiba Tecra A4-109 Toshiba Tecra A4-158 Toshiba Tecra A4-161 Toshiba Tecra A4-164 Toshiba Tecra A4-171 Toshiba Tecra A4-196 Toshiba Tecra A4-212 Toshiba Tecra A4-244 Toshiba Tecra A4-257 Toshiba Tecra A4-S312TD Toshiba Tecra A4-S313 Toshiba Tecra A4-SP211 TOSHIBA Tecra A5 Series Toshiba Tecra A5-122 Toshiba Tecra A5-138 Toshiba Tecra A5-155 Toshiba Tecra A5-S116 TOSHIBA Tecra A5-S416 Toshiba Tecra A5-S516 TOSHIBA Tecra A5-S6215TD Toshiba Tecra A6 Series Toshiba Tecra A6-104 Toshiba Tecra A6-S513 Toshiba Tecra A6-ST3112 Toshiba Tecra A6-ST3512 Toshiba Tecra A7 Series Toshiba Tecra A7-S612 Toshiba Tecra A7-S712 Toshiba Tecra A7-ST5112 TOSHIBA Tecra S2 Series Toshiba Tecra S2-107 Toshiba Tecra S2-128 Toshiba Tecra S2-131 Toshiba Tecra S2-155 Toshiba Tecra S2-159 Toshiba Tecra S2-175


COMPAQ PRESARIO V5000 battery for laptop or notebook made from high quality laptop battery cells, though this COMPAQ PRESARIO V5000 SERIES battery is not a original one, it passed the CE, UL, and ISO9001/9002 certifications, with full one year warranty and one month money back commitment, you can rest assured to purchase. You should notice that we provided a laptop adapter or charger for some notebook batteries, buy them together with the battery pack will save more money.

Type Li-ion
Capacity 4400 mAh
Voltage 11.10V
Dimension 205.15 x 51.10 x 21.20 mm
Net weight 310.00(g)

Monday, April 20, 2009


PANASONIC DMW-BM7 Battery Pack Replacement

PANASONIC DMW-BM7 is a replacement battery for cameras using PANASONIC DMW-BM7 Battery, it meets or exceeds the original quality of OEM PANASONIC DMW-BM7 Batteries. 750mAh / 7.4V / Brand New

Capacity 750mAh
Voltage 7.4V
Dimension 44.63x36.11x12.80mm
Net weight 22.00g

PANASONIC DMW-BM7 Battery in World

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Canon PowerShot G9 Battery

Canon PowerShot G9 replaces the PowerShot G7, which was a disappointment compared to previous models.It is a high-end fixed-lens camera offering almost every feature you could imagine. It takes care of many of the issues that people had with the G7, with the most notable change -- the addition of RAW image support. However, the rotating LCD that made the G-series famous is still nowhere to be found.

Canon PowerShot G9 Specification
Type of Camera
Compact digital still camera with built-in flash, 6x Optical / 4x Digital / 24x Combined Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer System

Image Capture Device
12.1 Megapixel, 1/1.7 inch type Charge Coupled Device (CCD)
Total Pixels
Approx. 12.4 Megapixels
Effective Pixels
Approx. 12.1 Megapixels

Focal Length
7.4-44.4mm f/2.8-4.8 (35mm film equivalent: 35-210mm)
Digital Zoom
Focusing Range
Normal: 1.6 ft./50cm-infinity
Macro: 0.39 in.-1.6 ft./1-50cm (WIDE)
Autofocus System
TTL Autofocus

Viewfinder & Monitor
Real image optical zoom viewfinder
LCD Monitor
3.0 inch low-temperature polycrystalline silicon TFT color LCD with wide viewing angle
LCD Pixels
Approx. 230,000 pixels
LCD Coverage

Aperture and Shutter
Maximum Aperture
f/2.8 (W) - f/4.8 (T)
Shutter Speed
15-1/2500 sec. (settable in Tv and M)

Exposure Control
ISO Sensitivity
Auto, High ISO Auto, ISO 80/100/200/400/800/1600 equivalent (Standard Output Sensitivity. Recommended Exposure Index)
Light Metering Method
Evaluative*, Center-weighted average, Spot**
* Control to incorporate facial brightness in Face Detection AF
** Metering frame is fixed to the center or linked to the AF frame
Exposure Control Method
Program AE, Shutter Speed-Priority AE, Aperture-Priority AE, Manual; AE Lock, Safety Shift, Auto ISO Shift
Exposure Compensation
+/-2 stops in 1/3-stop increments

White Balance
White Balance Control
Auto, Preset (Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Flash, Underwater), Custom1, Custom2

Built-in Flash
Auto, Auto w/ Red-eye Reduction, Flash On, Flash On w/ Red-eye Reduction, Flash Off; FE lock, Safety FE, Slow Synchro, Second-curtain synchro
Flash Range
1.0-13 ft./30cm-4.0m (W), 1.6-8.2 ft./50cm-2.5m (T) (when sensitivity is set to ISO Auto)
Recycling Time
12 sec. or less (battery voltage=7.4V)
Flash Exposure Compensation
+/-2 stops in 1/3-stop increments

Shooting Specifications
Shooting Modes
Auto, P, Av, Tv, M, C1, C2, Special Scene (Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Sports, Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Aquarium, Underwater, Indoor, ISO 3200, Kids & Pets, Night Snapshot, Color Accent, Color Swap), Stitch Assist, Movie
Photo Effects
My Colors
Vivid, Vivid Blue, Vivid Green, Vivid Red, Neutral, Sepia, Black & White, Positive Film, Lighter Skin Tone, Darker Skin Tone, Custom
Activates shutter after an approx. 2-sec./10-sec. delay, Custom
Wireless Control
Not available
Continuous Shooting
Normal: approx. 1.5 fps; AF: approx. 0.7 fps; LV: approx. 0.8 fps (Large/Fine)

Image Storage
Storage Media
SD/SDHC Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, MMC Plus Card, HC MMC Plus Card
File Format
Design rule for camera file system, DPOF Version 1.1
Image Compression
Normal, Fine, SuperFine, RAW
JPEG Compression Mode
Still Image: Exif 2.2 (JPEG)
Movie: AVI (Image: Motion JPEG; Audio: WAVE (Monaural))
Number of Recording Pixels
Still Image: 4,000 x 3,000 (Large), 3,264 x 2,448 (Medium 1), 2,592 x 1,944 (Medium 2), 1,600 x 1,200 (Medium 3), 640 x 480 (Small), 4,000 x 2,248 (Widescreen)
Movie: 1024 x 768 (15 fps), 640 x 480 (30 fps/30 fps LP), 640 x 480 (2 hours at 0.5 fps/1 fps), 320 x 240 (30 fps) available up to 4GB or 60 minutes, 160 x 120 (3 minutes at 15 fps)

Playback Specifications
Playback Modes File
Still Image: Single, Magnification (approx. 2x-10x), Jump, Auto Rotate, Rotate, Resume, My Colors, My Category, Histogram, Index (9 thumbnails), Sound Memos, Slide Show, Red-eye Correction, RAW playback, Resize, Image Inspection Tool
Movie: Normal Playback, Special Playback, Editing

Erasing Specifications
Erase Modes
Still Image: single image, select by date, select by category, select by folder, all images
Movie: part of movie, all of movie

Computer Interface
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (mini-B jack)
Video Out
Audio Out
SD Memory card slot; direct connection to Canon CP and SELPHY Compact Photo Printers, PIXMA Photo Printers and PictBridge-compatible printers via camera's USB 2.0 Hi-Speed cable

Power Supply
Power Source
1. Rechargeable Lithium Battery NB-2LH
2. AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC20 (optional)
Shooting Capacity
Still Image: approx. 240 shots (NB-2LH/LCD on)*, approx. 600 shots (NB-2LH/LCD off)
* LCD screen on. The above figures comply with CIPA testing standards and apply when fully-charged batteries are used.
Playback Time
Approx. 300 min. (NB-2LH)

Physical Specifications
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Dimensions (WxHxD)
4.19 x 2.83 x 1.67 in. / 106.4 x 71.9 x 42.5mm
Approx. 11.29 oz. / 320g (camera body only)

Canon G9 battery is the same to G7 battery, follow the G5 battery
When it's time to charge the battery, just snap it into the included charger, and plug the charger directly into the wall. It takes about 105 minutes to fully charge the NB-2LH.

Article source: http://digital-classics.blogspot.com/2009/01/canon-powershot-g9.html

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Extended Your Laptop Battery Life 5 Tips

1. Turn the brightness level as low as you possibly. Laptops always come with the ability to select the brightness level, some even could modify CPU cooling performance, switch down to lowest level will enable you squeeze out two times longer battery life than the situation working in the highest level.

2. Shut down programs running automatic. Some of the programs we won't to use startup in backgroud when you start you OS, like QuickTime, Desktop Search. When expand your taskbar, you can see and shutdown them, but there are also some process invisible in most cases. They consume your laptop computer resourse and slowly, press "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" to open your tasker manager and halt the process not necessary.

3. Unplug external devices. Normally device, your mouse, and the most power consume device -- Mobile hard disk, they drain down your laptop battery like IBM THINKPAD X SERIES battery for there get the power supply from the USB port in your laptop. Remove when you aren't using them, is goes without saying that this will save a lot of power.

4. Hibernate instead of suspend. Suspend mode make your save some power and instantly resume your laptop when you come back, but compare with the Hibernate mode, suspend laptop also running in lower power consumed situation, electricity exhaust is zero in hibernate mode for all your computer's state were saved before it shutdown. For the convenient reason, you'd better use the hibernate function when leave over 20 minutes.

5. Keep your battery clean. Keep the battery clean especially the matel contacts with some a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol, this keeps the power transfer from your battery more efficient.

Reprinted from
IBM Thinkpad X battery in www.usa-batteries.com

Saturday, April 4, 2009

APPLE IBOOK NOTEBOOK M8861LL/A Laptop Battery Replacement US $ 78.46

APPLE IBOOK NOTEBOOK M8861LL/A rechargeable battery for laptop or notebook made from high quality laptop battery cells, though this APPLE APPLE IBOOK NOTEBOOK M8861LL/A battery is not a original one, it passed the CE, UL, and ISO9001/9002 certifications, with full one year warranty and one month money back commitment, you can rest assured to purchase. You should notice that we provided a laptop adapter or charger for some notebook batteries, buy them together with the battery pack will save more money

Capacity 4400mAh
Voltage 10.8V(Compatible with 11.1V)
Dimension 122.00x80.00x20.00 mm
Net weight 422.41 g

APPLE APPLE IBOOK NOTEBOOK M8861LL/A Laptop Battery Replacement US $ 78.46

APPLE APPLE IBOOK NOTEBOOK M8861LL/A rechargeable battery for laptop or notebook made from high quality laptop battery cells, though this APPLE APPLE IBOOK NOTEBOOK M8861LL/A battery is not a original one, it passed the CE, UL, and ISO9001/9002 certifications, with full one year warranty and one month money back commitment, you can rest assured to purchase. You should notice that we provided a laptop adapter or charger for some notebook batteries, buy them together with the battery pack will save more money

Capacity 4400mAh
Voltage 10.8V(Compatible with 11.1V)
Dimension 122.00x80.00x20.00 mm
Net weight 422.41 g

APPLE A1189 Laptop Battery Replacement US $ 92.36

Apple A1189 Apple MA458 Apple MA458*/A Apple MA458G/A Apple MA458J/A battery for Apple MacBook Pro 17 ' laptop A1151/MA092/ MA092CH/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092KH/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092LL/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092TA/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092X/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611 Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611*/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611*D/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611B/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611CH/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611J/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611KH/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611LL/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611X/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA897*/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA897J/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA897LL/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MA897X/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MB166*/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MB166B/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MB166J/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MB166LL/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch MB166X/A Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch Series laptop.
Apple a1189 battery
Capacity 73WH
Voltage 11.1V
Dimension 167.10 x 120.70 x 14.05 mm
Net weight 533.00 g

Monday, March 23, 2009

CANON Powershot G10

Canon's functional and fun shooting design, great enthusiast-oriented feature set G10, have made the G series a successful shooter's camera over the years.
As the canon office website says, this is a camera that supports and nurtures creativity, with a full range of shooting and recording modes and compatibility with exciting accessories including Speedlite flashes.

14.7 Megapixel CCD sensor
5x wide-angle (28mm) optical zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer
RAW image recording plus support for Canon Digital Photo Professional
Image Stabilizer, Motion Detection Technology and Auto ISO shift
Great people shots with improved Face Detection AF/AE/FE/WB plus
Face Select & Track and FaceSelf-Timer
DIGIC 4 for clear, sharp images, high-speed AF (including Servo AF) and fast response times
i-Contrast boosts brightness and retains detail in dark areas
Dedicated Exposure Compensation and ISO dials
26 shooting modes with manual control and custom settings
Accessories include tele-converter, Speedlite flashes and waterproof case
Smooth, 30fps VGA movies
Targets all the main causes of blur with High ISO Auto, optical
3.0” PureColor LCD II (461k dots resolution) with wide viewing angle and optical viewfinder

The CANON G10 battery has a power rating of 7.4V,1050mAh, has a battery life of approximately 300-500 times (2-5 years) with no memory effect, also not like the traditional bp-511 battery.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop and 1420 Battery

The 14" Inspiron laptop is made for mobility. With its ultra-thin, lightweight design, this laptop is built to keep up with your on-the-move lifestyle using a powerful dual-core processor, long-life batteries and cutting-edge wireless technology.

Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop

Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop Battery

Buy link, save now
Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery

Capacity 4400mAh
Voltage 11.1V
Dimension 209.8*50*20.3mm
Net weight 317g

Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery Compatible Code
Dell 312-0543 Dell 312-0584 Dell 312-0585 Dell 451-10516 Dell FT080 Dell WW116 Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery

Fit Laptop Models
Dell Inspiron 1420 Dell Vostro 1400

Friday, February 27, 2009

Proper Use and Maintenance of Camcorder Lithium Batteries

Digital video camcorder have been great strides into the family, many ordinary families have a personal mini "Digital Imaging Workshop", can produce digital images CD-ROM belong to their own arbitrarily. However, in the use process of digital camcorders, we will find such a problem - the current digital camcorders are generally used rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a high price, the major manufacturer have "little words" in the products specifications about the proper use of lithium-ion battery . The usage many people get from a variety of channels are not very correctly, so many people' original battery is closer to "scrap" when get a not long battery life time, and had no choice but to spend lot of money to buy second battery, that adds much trouble.

In fact, although there are a wide range of different models batteries currently on the market , different manufacturers use different battery models, and sometimes will lead to consumers get no idea choose what to do, but the method in use is more or less the same. Today, we are on to explain the proper use of a digital camcorder lithium ion battery, and hope to be helpful to everyone.

When we buy a new digital camcorder, the first thing to do is charge the lithium batteries, battery internal management circuit charge the rechargeable lithium batteries is a complex process, it is necessary to ensure that lithium batteries' full performance, but also to ensure that rechargeable lithium batteries should not have charge too more, because if the the charge current is too large, or the charging time is too long, oxygen generated consumped too late, may result in hypertension, battery deformation , leakage and other undesirable phenomena, even cause a serious explosion or fire, so must be in accordance with the right method of charging.

Many friends consider the previous three times use of lithium batteries should be charging more than 16 hours, that can be fully activate the battery. in fact, it is only popular Ni-MH or Ni-Cd battery charging method not apply for lithium-ion batteries. Since such a battery with lithium polymer as its core have no memory effect, so only about three hours charger is entirely. On a general chargers sell with the camcorder have a display function, if the show it has completed charging, you can unplug power supply, do not have to wait such a long time!

In general, lithium batteries can be recharged 300-500 times, according to the different methods and frequency of use, may be your digital camcorder battery can be used a few years or only one year, so the routine maintenance is importance. According to IEC standards require, the battery should be store under the conditions temperature of 20 + -5 ℃, humidity of (65 - +20)% , to avoid placing in very hot space. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature of the battery storage the lower capacity of the remainder, and vice versa. So we had better make the battery stored in low temperature, dry place, especially in travel time more attention should be paid to keep the camcorder battery, and try to avoid the battery store with metal objects to prevent the occurrence of battery short-circuit; Battery could become dirty easily when travel out , that may cause the "loss", in order to avoid power drain problem happen, we must pay attention to maintaining the battery at clean both ends of the contact point and the internal battery lid. If the battery's surface is dirty, then we must use a manner and soft, dry clean cloth gently wipe the surface of the battery timely to maintain the battery clean.

When the long-term non-use of the battery, we'd best take down the battery from your digital camcorder, because at this time even if the digital video camcorder was switched off, the system will still have a low battery current output, which would reduce the battery life. Suggested discharge part of the power of the battery before long-term preservation in order to restore the initial battery capacity and discharge performance. Attention should be paid to avoid a complete discharge, because lithium batteries are a low-maintenance batteries, the part of the discharge the battery is make more durable than completely discharge , if possible regular completely discharge should be avoided, that is to say not to use the camcorder battery until automatic shutdown, recharge should be timely as long as the low electricity shortage alert.

It may have disastrous consequences If your lithium batteries have been frequent discharge completely , especially in high-current-off place or repeatedly put off, and it can not even short-circuit discharge, because such damage on the battery a far greater role. because the Internal pressure will rise and cause reversible negative electrode active material damage, even can only be part of recovery if charge, capacity will be significantly attenuated, with the passage of time, the time your lithium battery can supply will be a growing shorter!

Also need to remind everyone that in all digital camcorder accessories currently, the bad the situation of fake lithium battery manufacture and sale is especially serious because it obtained illegal profits are highest. Counterfeit lithium-ion battery performance and extremely unstable, coupled with the digital camcorder larger work current, leave the actual use time of battery much shorter than the real thing, and some have a good effect in the first-time, but after filling several electricity will find its performance has dropped drastically. Although the purchase of counterfeit batteries may be a cheaper temporary plan, but the consequence it brings is incalculable, major companies link SONY camcorder battery have also issued a statement about the use of counterfeit lithium-ion battery all the consequences, the company does not have any responsibility, therefore recommends that everyone should better to buy original lithium battery, Must be cautious before the purchase, otherwise you could bring the camcorder demage can not repair!

Well, said so many problems about the proper use and maintenance of lithium batteries, hope to be able to help everyone, rechargeable lithium-ion battery is a very important parts of digital camcorders , we have to use properly and take careful maintenance.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Canon LP-E5 is a high capacity lithium battery pack especially for Canon DSLR Digital Camera. Not very big body, no memory effect, recharge fast, long battery life.

Canon LP-E5 Battery Details
Chemistry Li-ion
Voltage 7.4V
Capacity 950mAh
Dimension 48.00 x 36.00 x 14.50 mm

Camera battery Canon LP-E5 Fits For EOS 450D Rebel XSI

Canon EOS 450D DSLR introduction.
The EOS 450D blends uncompromising performance with ease of use in a lightweight, ergonomic body. Capture your world with a 12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and the very latest Canon technologies.

12.2 MP CMOS sensor
9-point wide-area AF
EOS Integrated Cleaning System
3.0” LCD with Live View mode
DIGIC III processor
Large, bright viewfinder
Total image control
Compact and lightweight
LP-E5 battery pack
Compatible with EF/EF-S lenses and EX Speedlites

Monday, February 16, 2009

How To Remove the Dust in the Camera ?

With the living standards improve, digital camera / camcorder has become a common equipment of family life, but how many people know the correct maintenance of it?   

In fact, dust removal of digital electronic devices is a difficult issue for the user. Basicly manufacturers' after-sales service department can solve the problem, but the vast majority have to pay, whether you are security assurance inside or outside in the products. Faced with a lot of money about several hundred dollars asking price at every turn , many users had no choice but to retreat. Journalist ask a number of vendors' technical person about this question, summarized the main points of digital camera and other equipment dust removal as follows.   

Do not feel the parts easy to dirty first of all, pay attention to the problem on the maintenance at the beginning buy the camera, which can reduce the rate dust in bascily. Don't put the camera and the other electronic devices such as computer host together as possible as you can when it charging whitout a battery, otherwise easy to absorb substantial dust .   

In the environment have more dust should minimize the use of cameras, the directly exposed parts in camera such as lenses and LCD screens should be fitted with protection kits and protective film, the single-lens reflex camera will add UV protect mirror generally. In addition, users should develop good habits using the camera, we should try to avoid touching the LCD screen with your fingers, not only the lens. SLR camera should also pay attention to reduce the number of disassembly to avoid too much dust to enter.   

Brush with fine material. Most of today's digital manufacturers do not recommend users to conduct dust by themselves. It is reported that manufacturers usually refuse warranty in the damaged parts by the user own demolition, so If it is found that the gradual accumulation of dust in the camera usage, or stains have ingress, we also recommend users have the favorable conditions sent the camera to the experts to resolve.   

Well, for some products have years longer use, or users don't want to spend money on specialized dedusting conservation, how to deal with the dust problem? The technical staff of BenQ digital camera, told reporters that during the lens removal, should pay attention to the following questions :   

Can not use cardboard, paper towel or napkin to wipe the lens, these products are all included the wood pulp could cut or rubbed, would seriously undermine the fragile coating on camera lens . Also do not use benzene and other volatile organic solution to avoid a devastating damage to the lens.   

Right way to safeguard by ourselves is, remove dust particles with a soft brush and blown balloon, and then drop a small drop of lens cleaning fluid in the lens cleaning swab paper ----- carefully not to drop the cleaning fluid droplets on the lens directly, use clean paper swab the lens surface repeatedly, and then use a clean cotton cloth wipe the lens until the lens dry.   

Remember, do not blowing directly on the lens use mouth , because some material in the mouth may be left in the lens caused corrosion.   

The Prevention of LCD's "skin"

Currently a dedicated USB dedusting dryers available in the market, its appearance only a size of a thumb, can plug in the USB port on the computer to operate.   

For some stubborn dust particles, can be removed use electrostatic principle. For example, the pen rod non-metallic, glass, plastic handle or wood smooth objects frict heat in cotton or silk scarf to generate static electricity, then closer to the lens surface with this static objects coule absorb part of the net.   

Photographic equipment stores are currently selling a blowing balloon with a back-end air intake, front-end outlet. If users want to remove dust by themselves, can remove the camera lens, open the clear CMOS function according to the specification, reflective plate will rise and show CMOS, then blow to the CMOS use the inflatable balloon. The gas nozzle can be near more from the CMOS to enhance the effect. Note, this method does not apply for some non-SLR cameras generally .   

Apart from the lens, the digital camera's LCD screen is also very easy to accumulate dust. If stains has found on the surface display, can use some soft cloth with glass cleanerto wipe lightly, they still have to pay attention to the cleaning agents should not be dripping directly on the display surface, if the cleaning agent flows into the sophisticated airframe structure , easily lead to short-circuit and so on.   

Also do not use the hard texture paper or tissue paper to clean the screen, or easily result in scratches left. Digital camera LCD screen surface layer are anti-glare film generally, once membrane of this layer is damaged, it not be able to recover. It is a lot of plastic paper used to affixed on the screen on the market currently, the user can select to purchase and then cut to the appropriate size and pasted on the LCD screen.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

LP-E6 Battery Pack in EOS 5D Mark II

As a exciting new features in CANON new DSLR, EOS 5D Mark II equiped a totally new compact battery pack called the LP-E6. This new battery teams up the camera in new ways to give photographers a precise outlook on remaining strength of a battery, not just a more powerful power supply, we can do this as well as managing multiple batteries. We’ll examine how the LP-E6 battery and the new EOS 5D Mark II perform and how to use and analyze the information it is capable of displaying on the EOS 5D Mark II’s LCD monitor.

LP-E6 appears to be nearly the same size as Canon’s long-running BP-511 series battery, but don’t let appearances fool you. The new lithium-ion LP-E6 battery pack is approximately 30% more powerful than the previous BP-511A – with 1800 milliamp-hours capacity, vs. 1390 mAh for the previous-generation BP-511A. Even though the new EOS 5D Mark II is a substantially higher-resolution camera than the previous EOS 5D, and in spite of the added performance of its DIGIC 4 processor, the LP-E6 powers the camera for 850 shots at normal temperatures (vs. 800 for the EOS 5D), based on CIPA-compliant tests performed at Canon Inc.

LP-E6 Specifications:
Rated voltage 7.2 V DC
Battery capacity 1800 mAh
Dimensions 38.4 x 21 x 56.8 mm / 1.5 x 0.8 x 2.2 in.
Weight Approx. 80 g / 2.8 oz.

Even though they appear similar, the previous-generation BP-511A batteries are not interchangeable with the new LP-E6 battery pack, and cannot be exchanged for one another. The new EOS-5D Mark II requires the LP-E6 battery pack, and cannot accept the older BP-511A or similar Canon batteries. Likewise, the new LP-E6 cannot be used in the previous EOS 5D, or other EOS bodies which accept the BP-511A battery pack.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

APS-C Frame and Full Frame

What is APS-C Frame?
What is Full Frame?
Diffierent between APS-C Frame and Full Size Frame?

Twenties of the nineteenth century, after Germany production developed the 35mm (36mm × 24mm) Leica film camera for film using, the 35-mm film is also called the "Leica volume", then the world's production made more and more cameras for the 35-mm film shooting, The name "Leica volume" has been unable to adapt, so changed to "35-mm film" according to the width of the film. Until the fifties, in order to distinguish between 35-mm film and 35mm film in bulk for camera use, the code "135" has printed in the film cartridge. Later the 135 film recognized as the 35mm film, the camera used 135 film called the 135 camera.

1996, jointly by top five companies: Fuji Photo Film, Kodak, Canon, Minolta and Nikon developed APS (Advance Photo System) film system. APS developer made a radically improved on the basis of the 135 original specifications, bring full of innovation to the camera, photosensitive materials, printing equipment and related accessory products, and significantly reduce the size of the film, used the new design -- intelligent cassette, integrated the contemporary digital technology. the film become the intelligent film able to record optical information, digital information.

APS positioning to the amateur consumer market, a total of three film frame designed (H, C, P):

APS-H (HD)-type:
 frame size 30.3 × 16.6mm, for the 16:9 aspect ratio;

APS-C (classic) type:
cut each end of the left and right end in the APS-H frame, for the 3:2 aspect ratio frame size 24.9 × 16.6mm, the same ratio with 135 films;

APS-P (Panorama) type: 
cut one row both the top and bottom side of the APS-H frame, make the aspect ratio 3:1, frame size 30.3 × 10.1mm, aspect ratio 11:4.

APS three frame sizes

Based the cost considerations of the production and development, most of digital cameras use APS-C frame CCD / CMOS image sensor which is less than the 135 film specification, only high-level SLR digital cameras (DSLR) use the sensor have a same size to 135 film. In order to distinction facilitately, the industry man defined the 135 film size as full-frame size, so there were the diffierent between a full-frame and APS frame.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Canon EOS 50D with APS-C Size CMOS Sensor

Unlike the 18 months upgrade tradition,Canon has announced the 50D almost exactly a year after the arrival of the EOS 40D, which we're assured will be a sister-model, rather than a replacement. Recent history has seen Canon release new models every 18 months-or-so but it's been a busy year with newcomers such as the Nikon D300 getting a lot of attention in the 40D's keen-amateur/professional segment. The 50D is essentially a 40D body wrapped around a newly-developed 15 megapixel sensor that finally rectifies the situation in which Canon's XXD range trailed the company's entry-level line, in pixel terms. Canon is claiming that the new sensor's design (new manufacturing processes, redesigned photo diodes and micro lenses) mean that despite the higher resolution image noise has improved, something we'll be putting to the test later.

The other big change is the inclusion of a new, high-resolution LCD screen. 920,000 dots mean that it can convey 640 x 480 RGB pixels, making it effectively a VGA standard monitor. Three anti-reflection layers built into the screen do their best to keep it useable in bright conditions, too.

Exceptional Quality Images.
New 15.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor with improved noise reduction, wide range ISO 100-3200 (H1: 6400, H2: 12800), 14-bit conversion for smooth color tones and gradations.

The EOS 50D features a newly-designed 15.1-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor which is capable of recording up to 4752 x 3168 pixels with full 14-bit A/D conversion for extremely fine tonal gradation. Ready to capture images in an instant, the sensor is designed to work with Canon's EF and EF-S lenses with a conversion factor of 1.6x. It's capable of recording at sensitivities previously too noisy for shooting in low light or subjects in motion. With a maximum ISO rating of 12800 combined with a 4-level High ISO speed noise reduction function, images that would have been impossible without the use of a strobe or flash become simple to record.

15.1 Megapixel APS-C Size CMOS Sensor

Canon EOS 50D Basic Features
15.1-megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor with gapless microlenses
6.3 frames per second
3.0-inch LCD with 920,000 pixels
Top Status LCD
ISO range from 100 to 12,800
Shutter speeds 30 seconds to 1/8,000
Compact Flash Type I and II UDMA slots
Lithium-ion battery
5.7 x 4.2 x 2.9 inches (146 x 108 x 74mm)
1.81 pounds (822g) with battery and card, but no lens

Canon EOS 50D Special Features

DIGIC 4 offers faster processing
14-bit A/D conversion
New menu look
Live View with contrast detect AF option
Face detection autofocus in Live View mode
Silent shutter mode in Live View for wildlife shooting
Dedicated Live View button
Peripheral Illumination (vignetting) Correction
Highlight Tone Priority mode
Automatic Lighting Optimizer with multiple levels
New Creative Auto exposure mode gives beginning users more control over background blur and motion blur without having to understand aperture or shutter speed
Three RAW modes: RAW (15.1 megapixels), sRAW1 (7.1 megapixels), and sRAW2 (3.8 megapixels)
RAW modes available in Scene and full-auto modes as well as Creative Zone modes
EOS Integrated Cleaning System for three-phase dust control, removal, and subsequent deletion
Lens AF microadjustment function
Center AF point offers enhanced accuracy along both axes with lenses f/2.8 or faster
Scratch-resistant, anti-glare LCD coating
Capable of bursts of up to 90 Large/Fine JPEGs or 16 RAW images on a UDMA CF card
Multiple levels of noise reduction: Standard/Weak/Strong/None
HDMI output allows display of camera images on HD televisions
UDMA support
Nine cross-type AF sensors
Pentaprism with 0.95x magnification
Mode dial has two Custom modes
My Menu for quick access to common settings
Interchangeable focusing screens
Raw translation software included

In the Box
Canon EOS 50D body
Body cap (plus front and back lens caps if kit is purchased)
Camera strap EW-EOS50D
Battery Charger CG-580
Canon 50D Battery Pack BP-511A
USB cable IFC-200U
Video cable VC-100
Software CD with Digital Photo Professional for RAW conversion
Manuals, registration card

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Pixels" and "CCD size"

In digital camera specifications and the advertisement, "the number of megapixel" is the first thing put into our eyes. The thing so-called pixels, can be understood as a grid components in the photographic settings. The light color and intensity are able to receive to the camera by the unit like such a grid. Therefore, the finer the grid (that is to say, the more pixels), the more detailed particles of the photos. Accordingly the better on the performance of the details on subjects .

Camera specifications have often marked two figures "Total pixels" and "effective pixels". As the name implies Total pixels refers to a total number of pixels in digital camera . But, in fact, the external pixel in camera not used to generate image data.

Therefore, the "effective number of pixels" means the pixels except that pixels not used to genertae image ." for the "effective pixels" will be marked in the existing specifications now, so it's esay to compare this each other in the cameras.

In addition, the photographic element (CCD) size is also very important. Same number of pixels, the greater the photographic element is, the larger size of each pixel will be. The larger size the pixel hae, the amount of data can handle will increase, so the pixels will be able to distinguish the different between micro-light color and intensity. This means a wealth of photos will be able to generated .

Mid-range digital cameras use CCD between 1/2.7-in ~ 1/1.5 inch in general, high-level single-lens reflex camera's CCD will more than 1 inches some times.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lithium or AA? Which Camera Battery Is Better

Why Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries have a small size, light weight,short charging time . At present, thin shape, fashion beautiful card DC basically using this battery.

AA battery have a large size, is also heavier, so the camera using this battery correspondingly have a larger volume.

AA batteries discharge time become shorter after a dozen times. Lithium batteries can be used a long time relatively, My lithium batteries used 5 years.

Most non-brand AA batteries are so poor that can not be used for shooting, and the good battery is too expensive, and can not charge.

Half of the lithium battery recharge only 2 hours, AA batteries need to charge even one-day.

Why AA Battery

Lithium battery capacity is not great, the general is 600-700mah, only a few have 1000mAh. AA rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries have reached at 2500 mAh.

The current lithium batteries have high price, usually spend 50,60 dollars, so it is a large one-time investment of money to prepare a backup battery. If there is no backup battery when encounter no electricity in the shooting, it can only "hope King can not afford", nothing you can do.

If AA battery encountered such a situation, you can buy a temporary contingency alkaline AA batteries everywhere available, there are not hard to buy even the most remote scenic spots. This is obviously a big advantage of AA battery.

If I bought a DC produced few, a few years after the battery match with it might have to stop product, the lithium battery so expensive, can you buy a lot of pieces back-up placed at home?The lithium battery must be recharged in the machine, inconvenient.

I used number of cameras different, feeling the AA battery better, Machines with lithium batteries built in, with the passage of time and aging, consumption declining and battery needs to be replaced.

Not Very Important

Lithium electricity and Ni-MH battery both have not strong memory effect.

Use lithium batteries or AA batteries? in fact, depends on the choice of camera. If you decided to buy a card machine, it basically decided that you can only choose lithium batteries. If you choose manual, feature-rich camera like Canon A-series, generally speaking, you have to choose AA batteries. Ordinary DC use AA is better.

Remember: Which battery to buy is not the most important reason make you to buy the camera.

Please write your views

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tips in Camera Battery Using and Maintenance

Digital camera is an "electric tiger", which eat a lot of electric, if your battery does not match or pay no attention to saving, the battery will run out when you does not take a few photos. Battery usage could be save by following approach: first, avoid using zoom operation unnecessary; second, to avoid frequent use of flash, flash is a big electrical consumption, we must using as fewer as fewer as we can; Third, use the viewfinder will be better than the LCD when adjust the screen and composition browser. Because most digital cameras are consume more electricity due to open the LCD viewfinder, shut down it will enable the battery backup time growth in two or three times; Fourth, to minimize the use of Continuous function. Most of continuous functions of digital cameras using the cache built-in to preserve digital photos temporarily. Lot of electricity required if use these caches regular. Therefore, to reduce the use of Continuous and dynamic function of the video clips shot will take great help on the power save.   

A lot of tips needed also in rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries just bought have very low or no electricity generally, should be charged before use. The charging time depends on the charger and battery used, and the factors such as voltage stability. If this is a battery the first time to use, lithium-ion battery must be charged more than six hours, Ni-MH battery must be more than 14 hours, or you will short the battery life. Normally few charge / discharge process would be taken in order to achieve optimum efficiency. And to ensure the battery life do not charge when when there is residual power in battery. Battery will be very hot After fully charged, loaded in the camera after it cool.
Battery cleaning is necessary to avoid the problem of electricity wastage. Maintain both ends of the contact point and the internal battery lid in the battery clean, use a soft, clean dry cloth graze if necessary, do not clean your digital camera, batteries, or charger use sexual or chemical cleaning, such as solubility things. The batteries must be to remove from your digital camera if you plan not to use a digital camera a long time, and full discharge it (some of charger with this feature, if not available, use low resistance electrical short the battery until all the power discharged), stored in dry, cool environment, and not to store the battery with metal objects. Store a battery full charged, we can't put it in purse, pocket, bag or other container with metal objects in to prevent short circuit.

How to Identify Fake Mobile Phone Batteries

Generally genuine mobile phone batteries have following exterior features:      
1, Battery labels using the second printing technology, in a certain light, the color of the bar code part is black than other parts see from the slope, feels with hands, convex than the other parts, all Motorola original batteries have this kind characteristics.      
2,  Zoned with light metal objects, there are across traces similar to pencil on white Department of battery labels surface. 
3, Battery casing made from a special material, very strong, not easily damaged,  The battery unit can not opened by general means.      
4, Batteries have tidy appearance, no extra burr, a certain degree of roughness on the outer surface but feel comfortable, inner surface smooth,  fine longitudinal scratches could be see under the light.      
5, Battery electrodes and cell phone battery sheet have the the same width, "+""-" signed below the battery electrode,  The isolation materials between the charger electrode and the case material are the same, but not integrated.      
6, The battery could be install in the phone comfortability.      
7, Compression part of the battery lock-bit come out appropriate, firmly.      
8, Battery labels clear handwriting, have the battery accessorices model corresponding to this battery.      
9, battery manufacturers should outline clear, anti-counterfeit mark have a good brightness, three-dimensional look. 
10, Have the "sawtooth" burr on the edge of battery labels, this is particularly suited to distinguish between Ericsson Series battery.

Two Important Parameters of The Battery

First of all, I'd like to introduce you two important parameters of the battery - voltage and battery capacity, these two parameters are important criterion in measure of battery performance and attributes.      

Circuit voltage is the electric potential difference between two points. The unit of voltage is V (volts), general one alkaline battery have a voltage of 1.5V, nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride battery are 1.2V, while the lithium-ion battery is 3.6V (a small number of manufacturers' lithium-ion battery have a rated voltage of 3.7V).      

Battery capacity refers to the amount of electricity the battery can stored, express used unit mAh (milliampere hours). We can see it is a composite unit, constitutes multiply by the current units and the time unit. For example, an fully charged battery with 70mA current can be discharge sustained 10 hours in ideal situation, we know that this battery capacity is 700mAh from the section multiplied by discharge current and time, in theory, if discharge it in 700 mA you can only use 1 hours (battery capacity divided by discharge current). In large-scale batteries we would normally use a larger unit of voltage like Ah (An pm) to express (1Ah = 1000mAh).

Monday, February 2, 2009

6 Sony Classic Digtal Cameras

DSC-P/F/V/H/T -- Six Sony Classic Digital Cameras
Since the first digital camera came out, Sony announced five series famous consumptive DC: the Cyber-shot DSC-P, DSC-F, DSC-V, DSC-H, DSC-T. Every series digital camera have the own features, like the sony H series cameras is the long focus camera, the T series is the thin card digital cameras. Now the pixel of the consumptive digital camera even exceed 15M, there will be more larger megpixel cameras in the futrue, but let us recall the some classic sony cameras in our life at one time.

1.Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T100

DC type: card digital camera
Sensor type: Super HAD CCD
Effective pixels: 7.2 million
Optical zoom: 5X
Reduction: IS
Lcd size: 3 inch
Demension: 91.8 × 59.2 × 22.3mm
Battery type: NP-BG1 lithium

2.Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200

DC type: consumptive digital camera
Sensor type: Super HAD CCD
Effective pixels: 7 million
Optical zoom: 3X
Reduction: No
Lcd size: 1.8 inch
Demension: 104 x 52 x 28mm
Battery type: NP-FR1 lithium

3.Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F505

DC type: consumptive digital camera
Sensor type: Super HAD CCD
Effective pixels: 1.92 million
Optical zoom: 5X
Reduction: No
Lcd size: 2 inch
Demension: 107 x 62 x 136mm
Battery type: NP-FS11 lithium

4.Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V1

DC type: consumptive digital camera
Sensor type: CCD
Effective pixels: 5.09 million
Optical zoom: 4X
Reduction: NO
Lcd size: 1.5 inch
Demension: 99 x 65 x 57mm
Battery type: NP-FC11 lithium

5.Sony Cyber-shot DSC-t3

DC type: Card digital camera
Sensor type: CCD
Effective pixels: 5 million
Optical zoom: 3X
Reduction: NO
Lcd size: 2.5 inch
Demension: 90 x 60 x 18mm
Battery type: NP-FT1 lithium

6.Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200

DC type: Card digital camera
Sensor type: CCD
Effective pixels: 808 million
Optical zoom: 5X
Reduction: IS
Lcd size: 3.5 inch
Demension: 93.5×59.3×20.4mm
Battery type: NP-BD1 lithium