Thursday, May 7, 2009

2G/4G/8G Spy Pen Camera Recorder Introduction

Spy Pen Recorder, Spy Camera Pen 8G/4G/2G, Spy Pen Camera

Can be used as: Pen, 4 GB Pen USB drive, Pin-hole Camera, Voice recorder, Color video recorder. Our 2G/4G/8G spy camera pen is the smallest fully functioning digital video recorder (DVR) in the world. This spy pen recorder have easy to use "One Touch" record button. Real time record any video and audio evidence instantaneously with a 8G spy pen camcorder is convenient. 4 in 1 ultra compact design for special usage. Spy camera pen 4gb is popular among the people in the areas as business, education, safety, mass media, tourism, medical, even ordinary life, and etc.

Some About Spy Camera Pen Recorder
There are many spy camera pens on the market – some color, some black and white and some audio. Certain cameras do all the above, others just take pictures or record sound. All of our 2g/4g/8g spy pen camcorders sold there are multi-function type.
Use one at home to keep tabs on your private belongings, or on vacation – see what the hotel staff are up to in your room.

Even sneak one in to a trade show – get secret pictures of new technology.

Video Spy Pen - You can slip it in to your pocket, then click the button for instant color pictures and audio recording. The picture quality is high, the audio is clear enough.

You can easily attach the receiver to a TV or VCR to record your surveillance footage.

The only issue is you need the receiver (you get this included) to be within 100 meters and in line of sight of the spy pen – this does limit your uses for using a video spy pen so unless highly important a combination of the still camera pen and the audio pen offer great mobility and detailed surveillance possibilities.

Digital Image Spy Pen - The pen is totally self sufficient and can be carried anywhere - perfect for on the move surveillance.

This digital camera spy pen looks totally normal and writes totally normal as well. No one will know that you're taking their picture. The 36 pictures it stores in its 2MB memory are good enough in quality for recording documents, files or regular images. The focus and exposure is all auto, and the battery life seems very long (they say 500 pictures but it seems more).

Audio Spy Pen Camera - The audio spy pen camera is another one suited for "on the move" surveillance (it’s worth considering to take both; a still image and an audio spy pen to cover all eventualities.

My favorite audio spy pen is digital, has 128 MB of memory, can record up to 8 hours of audio - it can be carried and used anywhere. You can disguise it as a key-ring with the parts included and it is internally rechargeable – no batteries to replace.

Monday, May 4, 2009

IBM THINKPAD A30 Laptop Battery Cheap Sold

Type Li-ion
Capacity 4000mAh
Voltage 11.1V (Compatible with 10.8V)
Dimension 216.25x40.08x25.00mm
Net weight 300.00(g)

IBM THINKPAD A30 Battery Compatible Code
IBM 02K6793 IBM 02K6794 IBM 02K6795 IBM 02K6796 IBM 02K6797 IBM 02K6798 IBM 02K6878 IBM 02K6897 IBM 02K6898 IBM 02K6899 IBM 02K7021 IBM 02K7022 IBM FRU 02K6793 IBM IB-A30L IBM THINKPAD A30 Battery Fit Laptop Models

ACER Aspire 9100 Battery Replacement For Sale

ACER Aspire 9100 Series rechargeable battery for laptop or notebook made from high quality laptop battery cells, though this ACER Aspire 9100 battery is not a original one, it passed the CE, UL, and ISO9001/9002 certifications, with full one year warranty and one month money back commitment, you can rest assured to purchase. You should notice that we provided a laptop adapter or charger for some notebook batteries, buy them together with the battery pack will save more money

Type Li-ion
Capacity 4400mAh
Voltage 14.8V
Dimension 135.80 x 89.35 x 19.20 mm
Net weight 515.96(g)