Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My first work

Now I'll tell something about my work,I am a student finished my college course not very long, then this is my first job,so I think I am very care about it like everyone in his begin of the work life.now the content of my job is named SEO, My be it's a singularly calling in my home country-China,but in some of the developed country it's a popular work which can take high economical effects to a corporate,Aim is to bring the rank of you page to the head result page of the search engineer like Google and Yahoo. Google is the object we studied most frequent.But in my opinion ,it's the right enterprise who optimize the website with a best result.
Also I can forget one thing important for a SEOer ,to bring a text link to my website,it's related to the achievement of my work.so it's http://www.digital-camera-batteries.org/ and http://www.digitalcamerabattery.ca/ and www.canon-digital-camera-battery.co.uk
Haw-Haw, A little stupid am I, maybe ,but It's only a begin,I'm confident a grant SEOer I can be,My dear friend,and you ?

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