Friday, January 2, 2009

Canon EOS - 0 DSLR

I 'm a digital fans in cameras, all my hobbies are find and collect information about fashion digital camera and camera accessories like camera batteries.

Today when i surfing on the web, a pic attrack my attention, a DSLR with a wide screen and a DVD Driver, it's look so cool, more or less we can say it's a small notebook conbain with a advance digital camera.

This EOS-0 digital camera use a OS of windows Vista, we can use all the software espacially the Graphics processing software like photoshop, corldraw in this machina.

Around the screen, there are many buttons we can make the EOS-0 DSLR Change to a MP3,MP4,Mobile Phone, Radio, TV. Whooh, so many fuctions this camea have, it do is a "all in one camera".

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