Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NIKON D1 Digital Camera(with NIKON EN-4 Battery)

February, 2001. Nikon unveiled their 2nd generation Professional Digital Still SLR camera, Nikon D1x which incorporates a 5.47 million effective pixels or in 2.62 million pixels settings, which affects the shooting speeds (3 fps for up to 9 consecutive shots). The image resolution was greatly improved from the original 2.74 mega pixels Nikon D1 Digital SLR camera model which was first introduced back in 1999. 

NIKON D1 Camera Accessories contain a power supply of Replacement/additional batteries EN-4 which can take 1,000 pictures
The NIKON EN-4 is a replacement NI-MH rechargeable battery pack for NIKON digital cameras. It has a power rating of 7.4V (Compatible with 7.2V),2200mAh. 

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