Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Powerhouse USB DVR with 4 Channels Video Input

Simple Digital Video Recorders can be hard to come by but you know you're getting the best available when you order this powerhouse of a USB DVR. With great capture in MPEG4 of up to 4 video inputs and 2 audio inputs you'll never miss any of the action. DIY DVR recording has become very popular in this day.

4 channels video input in one card, the maximum display/recording rate is 25 fps under PAL format, and 30 fps under NTSC format.
4 screen display modes are available.
Multi alarm triggering method: sensor, motion, video loss, and HDD space shortage.
Support schedule recording mode, recycling recording method available.
MPEG4 video compression format. 5 level recording quality options available, and the recording frame rate range from 1 to 30 fps adjustable for each channel.
Support multi-channel playback, searching by time/date and recording events, images can be zoom/capture/save/print/backup.
Support remote surveillance and PTZ control through web browser, support dynamic domain name
Remote playback function.
Configurable auto reboot function for preventing PC deadlock.
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