Monday, January 4, 2010

Digital Photo Frame Questions

One thing I would love to see in Jalbum is the ability to help me manage the images on my digital photo frame. I realize these frames are unique, but they all seem to have some of the same issues and I hoped you'd agree and would be able to overcome those issues.

Issues I see in all frames:

If I use the frame in a landscape position, a lot of room is wasted when it displays a portrait image
Images are displayed in order by name, not in the order I want them displayed
Images must be manually resized to fill the whole frame

Features I'd like to see to help with the issues:

Ask how my frame is oriented...then let me select pictures to group for display as one image in the frame. By this I mean that, if I indicate my frame is positioned in landscape orientation, Jalbum would take two portrait images (of my choosing) and build a single (side by side) image so that two images take up the majority of the screen. The same would be true for frames in portrait orientation, except two landscape images are used (one over the other) for proper display.
Images are renamed to allow the photo frame to display them in the sort order used in the application. (Some frames support folders some do not...a further option could be to allow renaming images within a folder or renaming all images.)
Ask the pixel dimensions of the photo frame and then resize and crop images to the appropriate dimensions. There would need to be some additional interaction I guess, but I hate how the images look when they are stretched/shrunk on the photo frame.

What I want to do is display all the images from my web site on my photo frame, but it has been so time consuming. In my folders I have images with the same names (slides and thumbnails), I have my trip to Florida displaying along with my pictures from Halloween. My portrait images make the frame look like an expensive waste of real-estate...etc. I thought you guys were the best bet for a solution.

More info please access this forum:

Anyone knows the answer please leave a message, thanks!


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