Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to charge your laptop battery properlly

During the the method of laptop using, they need no to deliberately charge the laptop computer battery to 100% state or fully discharged laptop computer battery to automatic shutdown defending. The right way is that charge the battery in 20% state & cease charging in 98% .
If the laptop has the power calibration procedure, when the battery standard-by time significantly reduced.

Then calibrate the battery in time to active the protection circuit performance.

For early laptop batteries as Dell 6000 Battery (Li-ion), need to fully charge & discharge in order to maintain nice battery capacity. But for the lithium battery is not necessary even it may destroy the battery.

In fact the lithium batteries has a tiny memory effect. The lithium HP DV6000 battery materials is sensitive to the

conditions as temperature, the use of frequency & so on. The battery will be aging after used for some period time (standby

time reduced). The natural wear & tear is an important reason, & inadequate maintenance is another important reason.
A well-designed lithium batteries have an excellent protection circuit to prevent excessive charge & discharge.As over-

charging & discharging of the dell 6400 battery will be the fast reduction activity. Under the protection of protection

circuit, the user fully charge & discharge the battery several times, in fact, impossible to accomplish had “full” level.
Sometimes WINDOWS show that ThinkPad X60 Battery capacity is 20% or more, you can use 30 minutes. But after used 10 minutes

or less the machine suddenly automatically shutdown. The reason is that the battery has been aging, the battery protection

circuit can not monitors the battery actual capacity. In the normal battery depletion, the protection circuit original

parameters have been unable to properly reflect the actual situation of the battery
So power calibration procedure is to correct the benchmark protection circuit parameters to exactly reflect the actual

capacity of the IBM ThinkPad X60 laptop Battery. This correction method will often take three or three complete charge &

discharge. As historicallyin the past mentioned, fully charge & discharge will reduce the battery activity. It is not often

used, usually one time a month.

1. In the process of charging, do not unplug the external power supply.

2. Please do not use non-specialized cells of the machine.

3. If this is the first use of Lenovo notebook computers, or you do not use it a long time (three weeks or longer), be sure

to fully discharge the battery is fully charged again to restore full battery charge.

4. No matter if the battery is installed in the computer, will have the phenomenon of self-discharge (about 1% a day slightly

different according to different models).

5. If the computer does not use a long time (more than 3 weeks), we recommend that you unplug the battery, a separate storage

(storage environment, there are instructions above).

6. As the lithium-ion battery damage will pollute the environment, but also a certain degree of risk. Please do not be thrown

away. When you are ready to handle used batteries, please contact the local authorities to find disposal instructions

7. If you can not remove the battery a long time, but the battery must have power (to prevent battery over-discharge result

in damage to), how much battery time as the length of the storage battery, such as stored in a long time, we must charge the

battery more, short battery inside the power is to prevent long storage resulted in excessive discharge. (Where there is no

specific quantitative targets, business unit that does not limit this power should be a little better). From the laptop

battery is charged for this factory to consider.


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