Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What you should know when buying a new laptop battery

What you should know when buying a new Dell 6400 laptop battery?

There is an ongoing discussion on forums and other messaging boards on the Internet about buyingDell 6400 laptop replacement batteries vs. original equipment manufacturer or a branded product. For me both has their own pros and cons and knowing which one works best for you can help you decide which one to get. Today, you can buy aftermarket batteries for different electronics equipments and gadgets like cameras, camcorders, cell phones, and more.

Advantage of getting an aftermarket product includes saving money, increased battery life span, better customer service, and product warranty. Aside from that when you follow their advices and other guidelines in using their product you can surely prolong the lifespan of their product. You can find a lot of place to buy an aftermarket laptop batteries and researching for a good shop is advisable. Always make sure that you make background check and check the shop’s reviews on after sales support before you buy anything from any specific store. It is also advisable to look for long-time and well-established companies if you want to shop online. This is to ensure that the company has been there long enough and have history of giving good services to their clients.

Remember to always check the shop’s history or track record when you are buying from a non-OEM battery manufacturer or retailer. Aside from that compare their performance against other companies and see if they offer other kind of freebies. All these tips help you ensure that you are buying from a trustworthy company and will fall as a victim to internet fraud or buying a substandard laptop/ computer batteries.

Another thing that you should check is the power information of the product that the company or shop is offering. You should make sure that it matches your laptop requirements because you do not want to purchase an inferior battery that doesn’t offer the same power charge that your laptop needs. Keep in mind to always check the battery information that the manufacturer advertises like the battery voltage and mAh capacity. While surge protection technology, thermal-cut-off, and short-circuit protection are some of the other extra features that you should also check. These added features can greatly improve your batteries life and performance and making sure that it runs effectively and properly.

ReplacementDell 6400 batteries can either have a memory effect or no memory effect. Older batteries are susceptible to having a “memory effect,” which means that when you charge the battery and didn’t reach the max charging capacity, it will be its new maximum output range. While no memory effect batteries can be charged anytime without the risk of lowering your laptop battery’s lifespan. With new batteries today, you no longer have to worry about “memory effect”.

In conclusion, with proper research you can save a lot of money on computer and laptop batteries when you buy from non-OEM manufacturers. This option is best for those who are on a tight budget but needs the same performance of an original battery from OEM manufacturers. Even for other electronics and gadgets, aftermarket batteries are an excellent substitute to OEM batteries and a lot cheaper too.


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