Wednesday, February 11, 2009

APS-C Frame and Full Frame

What is APS-C Frame?
What is Full Frame?
Diffierent between APS-C Frame and Full Size Frame?

Twenties of the nineteenth century, after Germany production developed the 35mm (36mm × 24mm) Leica film camera for film using, the 35-mm film is also called the "Leica volume", then the world's production made more and more cameras for the 35-mm film shooting, The name "Leica volume" has been unable to adapt, so changed to "35-mm film" according to the width of the film. Until the fifties, in order to distinguish between 35-mm film and 35mm film in bulk for camera use, the code "135" has printed in the film cartridge. Later the 135 film recognized as the 35mm film, the camera used 135 film called the 135 camera.

1996, jointly by top five companies: Fuji Photo Film, Kodak, Canon, Minolta and Nikon developed APS (Advance Photo System) film system. APS developer made a radically improved on the basis of the 135 original specifications, bring full of innovation to the camera, photosensitive materials, printing equipment and related accessory products, and significantly reduce the size of the film, used the new design -- intelligent cassette, integrated the contemporary digital technology. the film become the intelligent film able to record optical information, digital information.

APS positioning to the amateur consumer market, a total of three film frame designed (H, C, P):

APS-H (HD)-type:
 frame size 30.3 × 16.6mm, for the 16:9 aspect ratio;

APS-C (classic) type:
cut each end of the left and right end in the APS-H frame, for the 3:2 aspect ratio frame size 24.9 × 16.6mm, the same ratio with 135 films;

APS-P (Panorama) type: 
cut one row both the top and bottom side of the APS-H frame, make the aspect ratio 3:1, frame size 30.3 × 10.1mm, aspect ratio 11:4.

APS three frame sizes

Based the cost considerations of the production and development, most of digital cameras use APS-C frame CCD / CMOS image sensor which is less than the 135 film specification, only high-level SLR digital cameras (DSLR) use the sensor have a same size to 135 film. In order to distinction facilitately, the industry man defined the 135 film size as full-frame size, so there were the diffierent between a full-frame and APS frame.

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