Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to Identify Fake Mobile Phone Batteries

Generally genuine mobile phone batteries have following exterior features:      
1, Battery labels using the second printing technology, in a certain light, the color of the bar code part is black than other parts see from the slope, feels with hands, convex than the other parts, all Motorola original batteries have this kind characteristics.      
2,  Zoned with light metal objects, there are across traces similar to pencil on white Department of battery labels surface. 
3, Battery casing made from a special material, very strong, not easily damaged,  The battery unit can not opened by general means.      
4, Batteries have tidy appearance, no extra burr, a certain degree of roughness on the outer surface but feel comfortable, inner surface smooth,  fine longitudinal scratches could be see under the light.      
5, Battery electrodes and cell phone battery sheet have the the same width, "+""-" signed below the battery electrode,  The isolation materials between the charger electrode and the case material are the same, but not integrated.      
6, The battery could be install in the phone comfortability.      
7, Compression part of the battery lock-bit come out appropriate, firmly.      
8, Battery labels clear handwriting, have the battery accessorices model corresponding to this battery.      
9, battery manufacturers should outline clear, anti-counterfeit mark have a good brightness, three-dimensional look. 
10, Have the "sawtooth" burr on the edge of battery labels, this is particularly suited to distinguish between Ericsson Series battery.


Eli said...

No high marks for clarity on that post, but definitely a great checklist to follow when shopping for cell phone batteries especially in nontraditional locations, like online and at swap meets.

color said...

Colorbar labels

sabkon wells said...

hi.thanks for shedding light on such critical matters. it was really inspiring. will be looking up for more updates on the post.

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