Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lithium or AA? Which Camera Battery Is Better

Why Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries have a small size, light weight,short charging time . At present, thin shape, fashion beautiful card DC basically using this battery.

AA battery have a large size, is also heavier, so the camera using this battery correspondingly have a larger volume.

AA batteries discharge time become shorter after a dozen times. Lithium batteries can be used a long time relatively, My lithium batteries used 5 years.

Most non-brand AA batteries are so poor that can not be used for shooting, and the good battery is too expensive, and can not charge.

Half of the lithium battery recharge only 2 hours, AA batteries need to charge even one-day.

Why AA Battery

Lithium battery capacity is not great, the general is 600-700mah, only a few have 1000mAh. AA rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries have reached at 2500 mAh.

The current lithium batteries have high price, usually spend 50,60 dollars, so it is a large one-time investment of money to prepare a backup battery. If there is no backup battery when encounter no electricity in the shooting, it can only "hope King can not afford", nothing you can do.

If AA battery encountered such a situation, you can buy a temporary contingency alkaline AA batteries everywhere available, there are not hard to buy even the most remote scenic spots. This is obviously a big advantage of AA battery.

If I bought a DC produced few, a few years after the battery match with it might have to stop product, the lithium battery so expensive, can you buy a lot of pieces back-up placed at home?The lithium battery must be recharged in the machine, inconvenient.

I used number of cameras different, feeling the AA battery better, Machines with lithium batteries built in, with the passage of time and aging, consumption declining and battery needs to be replaced.

Not Very Important

Lithium electricity and Ni-MH battery both have not strong memory effect.

Use lithium batteries or AA batteries? in fact, depends on the choice of camera. If you decided to buy a card machine, it basically decided that you can only choose lithium batteries. If you choose manual, feature-rich camera like Canon A-series, generally speaking, you have to choose AA batteries. Ordinary DC use AA is better.

Remember: Which battery to buy is not the most important reason make you to buy the camera.

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melodie said...

Frankly speaking, which are the good aa lithum battery brands that you would recommend? Sony?

melodie said...

Interesting post. Batteries can be totally reliable or unreliable. Its a matter of getting the correct brand. Especially for aa lithum battery, important to get long lasting ones.

Greenpower said...

I think the panasonic AA battery is better.

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Greenpower said...

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