Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Pixels" and "CCD size"

In digital camera specifications and the advertisement, "the number of megapixel" is the first thing put into our eyes. The thing so-called pixels, can be understood as a grid components in the photographic settings. The light color and intensity are able to receive to the camera by the unit like such a grid. Therefore, the finer the grid (that is to say, the more pixels), the more detailed particles of the photos. Accordingly the better on the performance of the details on subjects .

Camera specifications have often marked two figures "Total pixels" and "effective pixels". As the name implies Total pixels refers to a total number of pixels in digital camera . But, in fact, the external pixel in camera not used to generate image data.

Therefore, the "effective number of pixels" means the pixels except that pixels not used to genertae image ." for the "effective pixels" will be marked in the existing specifications now, so it's esay to compare this each other in the cameras.

In addition, the photographic element (CCD) size is also very important. Same number of pixels, the greater the photographic element is, the larger size of each pixel will be. The larger size the pixel hae, the amount of data can handle will increase, so the pixels will be able to distinguish the different between micro-light color and intensity. This means a wealth of photos will be able to generated .

Mid-range digital cameras use CCD between 1/2.7-in ~ 1/1.5 inch in general, high-level single-lens reflex camera's CCD will more than 1 inches some times.

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