Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tips in Camera Battery Using and Maintenance

Digital camera is an "electric tiger", which eat a lot of electric, if your battery does not match or pay no attention to saving, the battery will run out when you does not take a few photos. Battery usage could be save by following approach: first, avoid using zoom operation unnecessary; second, to avoid frequent use of flash, flash is a big electrical consumption, we must using as fewer as fewer as we can; Third, use the viewfinder will be better than the LCD when adjust the screen and composition browser. Because most digital cameras are consume more electricity due to open the LCD viewfinder, shut down it will enable the battery backup time growth in two or three times; Fourth, to minimize the use of Continuous function. Most of continuous functions of digital cameras using the cache built-in to preserve digital photos temporarily. Lot of electricity required if use these caches regular. Therefore, to reduce the use of Continuous and dynamic function of the video clips shot will take great help on the power save.   

A lot of tips needed also in rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries just bought have very low or no electricity generally, should be charged before use. The charging time depends on the charger and battery used, and the factors such as voltage stability. If this is a battery the first time to use, lithium-ion battery must be charged more than six hours, Ni-MH battery must be more than 14 hours, or you will short the battery life. Normally few charge / discharge process would be taken in order to achieve optimum efficiency. And to ensure the battery life do not charge when when there is residual power in battery. Battery will be very hot After fully charged, loaded in the camera after it cool.
Battery cleaning is necessary to avoid the problem of electricity wastage. Maintain both ends of the contact point and the internal battery lid in the battery clean, use a soft, clean dry cloth graze if necessary, do not clean your digital camera, batteries, or charger use sexual or chemical cleaning, such as solubility things. The batteries must be to remove from your digital camera if you plan not to use a digital camera a long time, and full discharge it (some of charger with this feature, if not available, use low resistance electrical short the battery until all the power discharged), stored in dry, cool environment, and not to store the battery with metal objects. Store a battery full charged, we can't put it in purse, pocket, bag or other container with metal objects in to prevent short circuit.

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